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Here are three stylish bags:

$24 + shipping from a Amazon reseller


I took a quick look and all I could find would cost about $50 - $60. Someone recommended using a sleeve (under $15) and putting it in any bag that it fit.


Here is another for $49.99 +$10.09 shipping (not cheap...):

[edit] I'm not sure about the dimensions on this one, it says "Ideal Size for Smaller Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs or Portable DVD/Media Players" so it looks good.


The reviewer for this specifically states that she bought it for her netbook. It can be worn over the shoulder or there is a removable strap. There is a foam lining, I don't know if you would need a sleeve as well.

At the price it's worth trying out!

I use the Patagonia Half-Mass for my computer. I like being able to use it as a large casual purse when I arrive at my destination.


@debbiedunlap: Following this with interest, because I need a bag of some kind for my netbook too. Great question!


Here's a thought (and no, I am NOT kidding). Have you tried any of the local thrift shops? I've lost count, long ago, with the number of bags that came for free when I went to some conference or other. I never, ever, EVER want them. I give them to thrift shops. I am not alone in this.

If I still had any, I'd PM you for a mailing address, and send you off one or two. Over the shoulder, back back, you name it, I've had it, and each and every one went to a thrift shop.

I have two computer bags that I love (and that you would not want). One quick over the shoulder cloth bag meant for hauling around a laptop and power supply only (and I made it in ten or twenty minutes, so I'd have something simple), and a fabulous Victronix that will hold two (yes, TWO!) laptops, a power squid, various cables, CDs, travel power supplies for tech gear, and other random items too numerous to mention.

You might consider just looking for a big satchel with a long over the shoulder strap.


You're going to think it's crazy, but you might try looking at purses used for concealed weapons. I have the perfect one for what you're looking for. The holster inside removes and there's plenty of room for your baby pc. I bought it from Drawback was that it was just under $100, BUT the leather & the quality of the bag has held up extremely well. Any way, something along those lines might be what you want. A purse & a concealed place to hide the baby all rolled into one.


As usual, you guys really came through!

@lavikinga: Which one of these did you get? I really like the looks of these, but I just don't know if I want to spring for something this expensive.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards the Dell purse that @catbertthegreat suggested.

Is it too selfish for me to wait to see what else you all find?


@debbiedunlap: Today, over on that oh, so very contentious question, you made the best (multipart) answer I have seen in quite some time. Today, you can do no wrong. Go ahead, take a bow. You deserve it.


@catbertthegreat: I really liked that one, it is cute and girlie enough to wear.


@shrdlu: I don't know what came over me. I started typing and just couldn't stop.

Huge thanks to all for your help. Though @laviknga's leather holster/purse was very, very tempting, I went with the one that @catbertthegreat posted. Because ... *it doesn't look like a laptop bag, *from the description it appears to be well padded, *it looks feminine, *I like the length of the straps, and *the price was right. Five stars!


@debbiedunlap: I left you a little note on the other side btw.


@hobbit: Thanks for letting me know. I never check that. Just responded back to you.


@debbiedunlap: My bag isn't on there any more. It's similar to this one: with the concealed compartment accessible from the outside secured with velcro rather than the zippers. I paid around $90 for it. Dual compartment purse with magnetic snap closure.


Just wanted to drop back to this thread and let everyone know that my netbook purse arrived and it is perfect! Hangs nicely over my shoulder, like a purse, and fits the netbook like a glove. Extra pockets for wallet, mouse, gum, fingernail file, tissues, cell phone, pen, pencil, mints, day planner, coupons, chapstick, hand lotion, pictures of the kids, ibuprophen, spare keys, change, comb, nail clippers, mascara, lipstick, etc. You know, all the essentials. Well maybe not ALL the essentials, but there's definitely plenty of room for a cell phone and wallet.


check out There are all sorts of great deals on bags. The discounts are huge and the selection great.


Me, I've got an old CD player case for my netbook. JUST the right size for my Asus EeePC, and nicely padded. It's the kind that has the pocket for storing a dozen or so CDs on the front of it, so I can toss my adapter and mini-mouse in there too.

Oh, and I got it at the local thrift store for two bucks.