questionsdoes anyone want to help me with an experiment?


I'll play, but your tags actually make me want to up-vote this.

tags: "downvote i stink"


-1 from me. Good luck --smile--


I've tried similar tests. I find it very difficult to lose my black triangle (it has started to represent my failures in life...)


I was virtually inactive for 1-2 weeks in a row in December and I only dropped about 3 points (98 to 95.) Then as soon as I started voting and commenting on questions and deals my rank went back up those 3 points in just a day or so. So, I highly doubt one negative question will kill your rep at all, but I'll play along!


I think there's just not that many people active anymore, so any activity at all gets your rank elevated. Soon we will all be black triangles and triangle color prejudices will be something we tell our grandchildren about, but they won't understand.


So, did you want to see if just a bunch of downvotes on this question would lower your reputation score, or was this a challenge to downvote everything you've ever done to beat the black status out of you?


@chris12345: Ohhhh, I like the cut of your jibb!


@coondogg97: There. I downvoted the first pages of everything you've done...provided I hadn't already voted. Time to take this to a new level.


@lumpthar: Thanks!!!! We're SLOWLY getting there:

43 - coondogg97 98.98%


@coondogg97: This morning you still appear as a 99 on my side of things.


@coondogg97: Here's an interesting tidbit: You can only downvote about 30 times before you hit the "Downvote Wall". Something about too much negativity being bad for your Karma or something like that.
I did manage to downvote you as much as I could before I hit the wall.

EDIT: I think downvoting must affect your "awesomeness" stat, because after I gave you the smackdown, my "awesomeness" meter has dropped significantly.


@lumpthar: @all:

Well it looks like it takes a lot to drop you down. As of this morning I am sitting at:

35 coondogg97 99.17%

Not sure how I went up? I didn't upvote anything and didn't add any deals. Odd...

But thank you all for the help!


@coondogg97: Crap - I think I know why, and I'm probably not the only one who did it. I downvoted the question, but upvoted your responses!