questionswhere can i get a good deal on a sony ps3…


91 dollars, no tax most likely

Ebay had refurbs but they were only about 5 dollars cheaper.

My brother wanted these for christmas so I had to help my folks find some yesterday. That was the best price I could find


See this thread for more help:

But I'll tell you the same thing I said there:
I have a pair of the iSkin Cerulean ( and find them to have good sound, mic pickup and are comfortable; they also work with my PS3. And they're 50% off (around $50), so the Deals.Wooter in you should smile.


Go to, it's $79.99 there.
Use this coupon:
and get $10 off for New Customers.
$79.99 - $10 = 69.99 + tax = $76.19 (For me) with free shipping.