questionsdo you have a brick-and-mortar borders near you?


The borders in my town are open. They don't even have a fence on them.


Wow, you read my mind. I just read something on this and was deciding whether or not to post it. Thanks for making my decision easier! ;)

Mine has closed a few months ago which was a shame because it was always packed and there was always a line to checkout. Plus Borders was so inviting and cozy as opposed to the stone cold B&N. That's some place that I could see myself going to to sit in the cafe to work. It will be missed, but I've already lived without them for awhile now so I'm used to it already.
@capguncowboy: The article that I read said that you have a a few months left.


@capguncowboy: You must not live in Arizona or Georgia, lol.


There's one basically across the street from me (literally about a 30 second walk). I'll be checking it out Friday or this weekend to see if there's any liquidation sales.

I'm guessing there won't be any great deals, given this Borders is always insanely crowded and does good business. I am curious though on what will replace it.


@novastarj: That's what I'm wondering about mine. Currently, there is a huge empty building at our commons. I can't think of anything that will be able to replace it there unless the movie theater next to it needs to expand (highly unlikely). Maybe a restaurant?


Are there liquidation sales? Is that what you're talking about? I have one write next the to subway stop I get off at, may need to check it out.


@czarkingkaiser: As long as they get the okay they will have to liquidate at the store levels. I am unsure if they are liquidating themselves or if someone else is stepping in to assist them. We will know for sure by this weekend/beginning of next week what kind of deals to look for. I was just giving everyone the heads up.


they are not liquidating themselves, pending approval, a liquidation company will be taking over all their stores for final clearance. The only two bidders for the company were two liquidation firms, Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Group.

This means there will be NO DEALS to be had until the very end. All prices will marked up at msrp or higher, and then 20-50% discounts will be marked on those prices, making final price right around what you would have paid anyway. After a few weeks, the really good pricing will start showing up, but by then the sheep will have fallen for the scam and picked up most of the good stuff. Once you start seeing signs advertising 80% off, that's when some good deals will finally appear.

The prices you will see as the liquidation begins will almost certainly be higher than what you would have paid yesterday at that same store.

On a positive note, this should help barnes & noble a little bit. The may even move into a few borders locations.


But will their website still be running?


@abramokids: their website may be sold, as may the name "borders" but the company as you know it today is going to be sold for parts. Unless the website is a different entity/subsidiary, I don't see it staying up.

The name "" will probably be sold to some other bookseller, the same way tigerdirect bought "" and ""

It's kind of sad... I remember buying paperbacks at waldenbooks, B dalton, and borders over the last 25 years. We have a kindle, and it's nice, but something about being able to just stick a paperback book in a pocket without worrying about it getting a cracked screen will be missed.


@kamikazeken: It's an appropriately fleeting and undeserved sadness, though. Walden and B Dalton put the small stores to the curb. In my area, Borders did the same to Walden and B Dalton a few years later.

I'm not whining about the corporate consumption of smaller businesses, rather, noting that each time the stores got better and better. Borders had cool stuff like listening to CDs, wifi, and a cafe. What awesome innovations will the successor have?

(The more stuff besides books, the more likely I'll show up. :p )


@czarkingkaiser: Might I suggest you look for a grammar book while you're there?


It is worth noting that the store locator on the website is not accurate for all areas. In my area in particular, it lists only stores that were closed in the first round (and hence haven't been open for months). You need to check the listing first to see what stores have existed, and then actually go there in person to see if they still exist.

I wouldn't recommend calling the stores, as many of them will be swamped as soon as the discounts hit .0001% off.


I was at the Madison Square Garden Borders yesterday. When I was checking out, I asked if they were going out of business, since I had just heard. The reply? "My manager has informed me not to comment on the status of the store"
I figured that it was obvious from there...


I'll be checking the one by me out on Friday.


Gordon Brothers Group are the same company that liquidated the CompUSA stores. The first thing they did was double the price on everything in the store, then slashed that price store-wide by 20%. It's appalling. Don't count on getting any kind of deals at all.

If you have any gift cards, spend them now while they're still worth something.


The one I used to visit is long gone.... :-(


We have one, but eh...any sort of "liquidation" price is generally the "find it on Amazon" price so I'm not gonna fight the crowds who think they're getting deals on The Idiots Guide to Turkey Frying or whatever.

Which I could've used that guide two weeks ago when I fried my first turkey. That is a terrifying experience (and yes I did it correctly).


Stopped by my Borders a few weeks ago and got some books for our trip to Tahquamenon Falls. Pretty good books for $8.00, I had a tear in my eye as I walked out. Borders has always been my favorite book store (and my only!).