questionswho is going to see star wars: the phantom menaceā€¦


I jus frew up in mah mouf. swallows Mmm...tastes like prequel!


I don't understand why people think the prequels are so detestable. They're nowhere near as good at the original trilogy, but on their own they're at least as good as most of the sci-fi coming out today. Episode III is a different story :(


I also think 3D is gimmicky and lame, so go ahead and unleash the nerdrage-induced downvotes. wanders off


Nope. George will never get another dime from me for Star Wars. Saga ruining POS!
Some 3D now isn't that good. Why would I want to pay to see an old movie redone with fake 3D? I can't imagine how bad the old ones will look.


3D gives me a headache, so no, I'm not going.


I hated it the first time I saw it, why would I want to see it again?