questionsdid anyone else subscribe to reader's digest via…


That's ridiculous! I wonder if other subscribers who didn't jump on the deal got the "this is really a 2x issue, herf derf!" note or if they did it just to the people who ordered with the deal pricing.

But then again... you did only pay $4 ;-)


Hmm...I get reader's digest and don't recall any note with my last subscription. I didn't get it via the deal you're referring to either, so it sounds fishy to me.


@diehardferret: I paid for a year and the ONLY reason I paid for a year was because it was $4.00. A promotion is no excuse to rip-off a customer.

I'm sure this happened to others who threw away all the paper inserts without reading them so they won't know...RD is counting on them not to notice the missing issue.


@ohcheri: "a promotion is no excuse..."

That's a great point. I would suggest a well worded letter! (Not sarcasm - I swear i'm not trolling) Who knows - maybe they'll feel so sorry to have offended their loyal subscriber that they'll add an extra issue on.

Especially since I bet news-stand price of said issue is probably the same as every other month.


@diehardferret: I've already emailed them:

I am definitely NOT happy that you think this one magazine counts as two. Please credit my account immediately. This does not reflect well on your standard of customer service and doesn’t make me feel inclined to renew my subscription.


@ohcheri: I just checked, and got the same thing. They will hear it from me as well. They have a phone number, an email address, and a snail mail address. It says if you are not happy, they will credit you account. I can't imagine anyone who notices this, will be happy about it.
Thank you for posting!


@faughtey: Please let me know if you hear from them and I will do the same.


On behalf of DiscountMags, we want to clarify that this was done directly by the publisher and not DiscountMags. It is common for publishers to do this when they have special issues come out and therefore count them as a "double issue". So when this happens, rather than getting 10 issues that year, you'll get 9 issues. We empathize and wish we could help.


I just renewed for three years.

It is a double issue...whats the big deal?


@marc58: A double issue should be twice a big as a single issue, this magazine is the same size as normal. If the publisher chooses to produce a "double issue" they should not penalize their customer.

@discountmags I don't hold you responsible at all, have a great day!


Is it the one with the hot dog on the cover? I tossed the bag & cards without looking at them.
My MIL gives me a subscription cause she gets them free with her renewal.
I never look at the enclosed cards. I guess I better start.


This was my response from RD:

Reader's Digest is producing a special issue in May. For the past several years, The May issue has been dedicated to "The Best of America." This year we have expanded the issue to include more articles and more photographs devoted to the people, places and things that make America great.

Because there will have more content and features than usual, the May issue will count as two issues. However, to compensate for any disappointment you might feel, we've extended your subscription by one issue. Your subscription will now expire with the Apr 2012 issue.

Along with 3 (three!) emails asking me to complete a survey.


@klutzyruth: Yes, it has a hot dog on the cover.


@ohcheri: They have not responded to my email yet. Maybe I should try again.


Hell yeah I did, though I have never read it before. Better late than never eh?