questionsdid you know that it's wednesday (!?!?!?) and…


Many people might not know that your avatar is a photograph taken from real life, although I believe that the pink hair may not be natural.


@shrdlu: I heard the same thing about your avatar :-)


@capguncowboy: Well, except for the beard. That's a clip on.


@shrdlu: There's only one way for you to find out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


can't wait to have a blast at the deals woot internet relay chat chat


@cowboydann: And so....MIA, as usual. Or, were you "pretending" to be someone else. The Daka BS. So hate it when that happens. And, it does. More often than not. Oh, and not just you; others seem to like playing the 'fake name', too.

Not amusing to me. Of course, that's just me. Aren't I silly? Well, I guess so. Others do not seem to care. I expect for everyone to use their commonly known' deals' names. Again...I am in the minority. Just wish to say, you (whomever you may be) might be alienating others. Like me.


@gmwhit: I was there for a good lot of time, signed in as Cowboydann. Since I did create the chatroom under the name Daker I may have signed in under that name for a short while (no more than 5 minutes) If I'm within earshot of a ping (Daker, Steve, Dan, Dann, Daka, Dakadakadaka) I'll usually respond pretty quickly if i'm not busy.

Here's the log from the night you're talking about
Here are the "fake names: @Lichme was working on his bot (wootstalker, which I was pretty sure everyone knew he was the creator of) @Lien007 was signed in as lien007, I was signed in as CowboyDann, @SkippyKJ was signed in as Skippy, @Publicart signed in as "PublicWork" (so we can know he might get busy and unresponsive, very considerate I think) @poopfeast420 can't sign in on Rizon. someone beat him to that name, so he goes by Aya. People even changed their names for you and you still left, so I don't get it. I'm running out of room so i'll just leave it at that.


@gmwhit: He's been using the Daker handle for as long as I've known him, which is edging up on half a decade now. I think you're presuming a bit too much here. Just as deals.woot has usernames and user reputations, IRC allows users to register unused nicknames, which effectively make them "unique" to that user. Internet Relay Chat has many, many servers, and probably tens of thousands of channels spread across them--there's easily hundreds if not thousands on Rizon alone.

The beauty to IRC is that it allows a user to interact on many chats with the same name, simultaneously, which is what at least a handful of our chat regulars do and it's part of why we might not necessarily use the same name as our woot handle.

As far as dann being MIA goes, I don't really see why it's a huge deal. He has responsibilities just like any other adult. Sometimes life gets in the way. He's given several trusted users ops/hops to prevent raids and to resolve disputes.


@cowboydann: It's w/great sadness that I say this:

And, I too, will leave it at "that." ...After I elaborate, of course. You were not there when I was. Using ANY of your various alias names. You may find it amusing to use 'alternative' names. I do not. As I said before...NOT amusing/cute/etc.. I did ask for others to 'disclose' who they were. Most, if not all, came forth w/their real (loosely speaking) names. I appreciate that.

Do NOT think I should have to ask. It annoys me. I am gmwhit. Always have been; do not hide behind different names. Did not know that aya was poopfest420. And now that I do know that, i simply do not care. I 'like' aya; think I've proven than w/our conversations.

I do not agree w/this IRC farce that you (and others) are playing. No longer willing to participate. I know; my loss, not yours. And yet, to me, you, are no better than the games played by deals. Think about that, my sweet.


I feel bad for using a pseudo to my pseudo now.
Not that anyone was on when I popped in anyway.

j5 j5

No, I didn't remember it was chat wednesday. You guys should page me - that seems to work. :D


@thumperchick: babe what's yo digits?

@gmwhit: rats off to ya.


@gmwhit: It annoys me when people try to find out who I am before I'm comfortable with them knowing. Yes, it is considered rude to ask a person to disclose personal info or to do IP address comparisons from previous sessions to try to determine someone's identity. I'm not saying you're to blame as I don't remember if you were the one pressuring others when I was in the room. I just know I'll never be going to that chat room again.