questionswhere do you buy your pool supplies?


I use Pools Plus for supplies for the hot tub. They do have some brick and mortar locations if you happen to be in Michigan. They are WAY cheaper than my local spa retailer, at least on hot tub supplies, don't know about pool stuff. Free shipping if you buy at least $50. They ship promptly and I have always had good customer service from them.


I had a pool service that took complete charge of cleaning, treating, etc. I live in Florida and I figured I just about broke even with doing it myself and purchasing the chemicals and treating it for various conditions that never cropped up when the service was handling things..


We usually buy chlorine from BJ's, since we buy the largest granular containers we can find and it usually takes almost 2 of them to get us through the season. Anything else we just price out between the local pool suppliers & internet and sometimes even pick up stuff in Walmart (usually nets or hoses).