questionsare there any buyers out there for the new robot…


I second you in your 'meh' on top of my "still standing $12-$15 boycott". If I got one of them in a mystery grab bag I would probably wear them, but not be excited about them


from what you guys say, they should have added this shirt to the mix of this week's robot shirt collection :


I haven't committed yet; I have both of Robbie's already, so.


I'm on the "meh" wagon. Last week I think everyone in the house bought from the Penguin vs Bunny sale. Pen-gu-ins (pronounced as per Bugs Bunny) and Rrrrrrabbits (pronounced as per Tim the Enchanter) are taking over all of our closets.


My question was improperly worded. It should have read "the recycled robot shirt collection". They are obviously not recent shirts. Mea culpa.


Hmm, well Flower Carrier and Robot Zombies! were both shirts that I wanted the first time around but didn't get around to buying before they got reckoned (I seem to do that a lot), but now with the new shirt blanks, I'm not so sure what I want to do. I doubt I'll get The Tyger from April 6th (first shirt I ordered on the new blanks) by the time the sale is over.


i love my Flower Carrier shirt and am very tempted to get the long sleeve version, esp. as it is on AA.