questionswhat file format should i use to copy my dvd's


I think both can handle mp4 files. WMC doesn't do iso or mkv unless there are extra plugins I'm not aware of.


You're talking apples and pickup trucks.
Files with extensions like avi, mp4, etc are files your player should recognize.
But iso files are containers for those files, to keep them together in their own box kinda thing.
As in:
I can take my music CD, and rip it into separate mp3 files. Each song is separate. Players play mp3s.
I can take a half dozen or so ripped CDs, and burn them all into one iso file.
Players don't play iso files, but burners burn them. so the next time I want these music files, I open my burner, add a blank DVD, and burn the iso file to the DVD which will give me back all the mp3 music from those CD files.
I don't have to look (and not remember!) where I left each mp3 file. All the files I wanted are in that one iso file.


@gidgaf: My entire media collection consists of ISO's (talking DVD's, not CD's). Almost all modern media players can play ISO's, including Windows Media Center with the right add-ons. Of course standalone DVD/Blu-Ray players are different, but an ISO is just an exact image of a disk.

Back when I used to use Windows Media Center, I used this:

Now I use XBMC which I think does a lot better job managing media collections. They support a variety of operating systems including Apple's. They are even starting to port to Android, but it is still a WIP.