questionswhat are the best things about tivo? (help me…


If you have cable and are moderately computer savvy (or can enlist someone who is) you can pick up a relatively low-end computer, replace the video card with one that has a TV tuner and the hard drive with a larger capacity, and get MythTV running.
It's a Linux flavor that's free DVR. If it's on your network, PS3 will pick it up with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) so you can stream from there. xBox 360 has a MythTV front end that you can install so you can set record times etc. from there.

In actual answer to your question. I haven't a clue. Sorry :P


DO NOT get a "lifetime" subscription! The "lifetime" in question is the life of the Tivo box itself, not your lifetime.

I've had Tivo for, oh, five or six years, after totally giving up on the totally sucky Comcast home-grown version. I think I could give up my microwave easier than I could give up my Tivo. Almost, anyway. While I really depend on the 'pause' button during live broadcasts, the ability to time-shift and skip commercials is all that makes TV worth watching. I watch what I want, when I want; I no longer have to worry about a conflict between a televised program and any other plans I might have.

Other issue: You got a great deal on the PS3! I have one I haven't installed yet (need to have the cable guy come to the house and haven't worked out a good schedule for that yet), and I'm really excited about the new features, especially the streaming. So I'm glad to hear that it's as good as I expected.


@trahentis: I'm not so interested in getting a DVR as I am paying Comcast less. If I wanted a DVR I would have built one years ago. But thanks for the great advice. :)

@magic cave: I wouldn't say it was a great deal seeing as how my name/address/etc was stolen courtesy of the PSN but thanks for playing. Really though, when I first got it I couldn't find any files I had (aside from x264 which took a little effort) that wouldn't stream straight from my 'server'. Thanks for mentioning the lifetime subscription. I've heard both ways and haven't had time to look into it yet. I don't really have the money currently but was considering it.