questionsbuying original vhs quality on dvd or blu ray?


I still use LaserDisk and Betamax.


lol, I don't think I was 100% clear on my question.
I currently don't have any VHS tapes, but I do want some older movies. The question is whether I should buy the movies on DVD or pay some extra dough for the BluRay version when the only difference appears to be the format and cost.


There is one obvious benefit: You don't have to rewind a DVD or Blu-ray disc!


Also, you can watch a DVD 500 times and it never loses quality from too much use.


@capguncowboy: and when you're really tired of it, it's a coaster!


It all depends on the conversion. If it is done right the bluray will be a tad better but not huge.

I would get what ever is cheaper.


@ccederlof: The difference is more than format and cost between DVD and Blu-Ray. One gives you higher resolution and audio options. With HDTV becoming the standard and Blu Ray discs only a few dollars more, there's really no point in investing in an outdated tech with your new purchases.

Also, yeah, your wording was terrible. I thought you were asking whether or not to buy VHS!


I was going to say "Just use Netflix," but I'm shocked that it isn't available for watching instantly...

The Amazon details are either in error, or quite interesting.

DVD: 102 Minutes
Blu-Ray: 94 minutes

(My guess on AR is that one is for "Full-Screen" with letterboxing, the other is just Widescreen, meaning likely same.)
DVD: 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
Blu-Ray: 1.77:1 Aspect Ratio

DVD says nothing of subtitles, Blu-Ray provides more languages.

Straight from the Amazon comments:
"One of my favorite movies. Great fantasy story, great characters, awesome movie visually, HOWEVER, THE BLU-RAY transfer stinks. At best, It's no better than the DVD. I sure hope they come out with an improved version."

So other than those phantom 8 minutes, and the subs/languages, they look about the same. Both are under $10.00 ($5.49 and $9.99), so you probably can't go wrong either way. I'd probably go with the DVD (No "missing minutes"), then hope for a remastered blu-ray later.


It's a real good question. If it's an older movie, I'm less optimistic that the transition to Bluray is going to be much better, unless it's been remastered. So, if you've got a basic DVD player that can upscale for an HDTV, I think you might as well save the bucks and just get the DVD version for older flicks. Even for newer movies that are dramas and not heavy on action, I tend to still stay with DVDs.


I'm not a purist at all when it comes to the "digital revolution", so take that into account.

for the most part, my decision on dvd vs, blu-ray is largely based on price. i actually own your example (Neverending Story) on blu-ray because I was able to purchase it for $5. I know it was from Amazon, and I assume it was on sale.

I know that if I looked now, I would very likely buy it on dvd, based on cose. The Neverending Story on blu-ray is not life-changing - i doubt the dvd is either. Especially for old movies that you have an emotional attachment to, you will not likely care, unless it is so bad that it is youtube quality. It is worth researching so you can see if a discounted blu-ray is worth the $1-5 extra over the dvd though...when a blu-ray is done WELL, it is quite different. just don't expect such things from old movies unless there is serious financial backing involved.


also worth mentioning that while "dvd is dying", i plan to purchase a number of "extra" dvd players (for cheap, like $10-15, as you can catch them on sale), because I know that the movie folks will start removing the dvd play feature on blu-ray players as they hope to make you re-buy everything you own. if you value the movies you have on dvd, i suggest you do the same. given that I have approx. 1300 dvds, i will probably buy between 5-10 dvd players so I can ensure that I will appreciate all of these over the years. (MUCH cheaper than re-buying them all!)

one of my $20 dvd players just died last night after 4 years of running 8+ hours a night. for $20 that was totally worth the life. luckily i have another of the same machine so I can replace it without missing my "sleepy movie" of the night.


It depends, in my opinion. If it's been remastered/ up-converted (which is usually the case with blu rays, at least the latter one) and it's a visual movie, BD might be worth it.

But sometimes, they just throw the movie on a BD disc and it's the same as using the up-covert feature with a DVD and PS3/BD player. If it doesn't say that it's been remastered in Hi-def and has no special features, it's probably better to just get it in DVD, as the difference in video quality will likely be so marginal you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.


The question you are asking just plain doesn't work.

First off, whether a movie was released on VHS or not has nothing to do with how it will look on DVD or Blu Ray. The studios aren't burning from a VHS to a disc and selling it.

Second, your question assumes all VHS era movies are alike. They are not. Some blu rays of 60 year old movies will look better than something released this year. Sometimes the blu ray will just give you poor video quality at high resolution.

Best thing you can do is search the internet for format specific reviews. People out there review the quality of a blu ray transfer, edition, etc and post it on the internet for all to see.


@wootbretz: I agree. I have had a similar experience. Blu-ray or VDD quality is going to be specific to each title for all the reasons wootbretz menitioned. It really is hit and miss. I would read online comments and (if Possible) rent before you buy.
This is only marginally related but, sometimes the most expensive is not always the best.... For example, the Avatar Three-Disc Extended Collector's Edition + BD-Live sucks because they put the first half of three different versions of the movie on disc 1 and the second half of these versions on disc 2. Supposedly the latest and greatest but 'epic fail' IMO.