questionswhat can i do to get banned?


You can create a mediocre question.
You can create a mediocre deal.
You can create a mediocre comment.
You can adopt a mediocre lab. Darn dogs not following commands and such.
You can purchase a mediocre lab kit without the necessary supplies.

Lots of mediocre things.


I tattled on your question, maybe that will help get you banned...

Good luck!


there are many ways to get banned. i'd say you're already adhering steadily to mediocrity.
post obscenities.
spam like crazy.
racism. we hate that. try that.

your chosen avenue will not be successful. but thanks for the traffic!


@pemberducky: Argh, foiled again. And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky employees and you're annoying fog (of rules, see what I did there?) too.


@pemberducky: Actually, I hope you all have learned a valuable lesson. Creating a community in this space that can garner interest and engage members, even if what they talk about has nothing to do with deals, is a good thing for the company.


@thepenrod: oh, i think we've learned a lot.


Creative, artful mediocrity is a lot harder than it looks.


@pemberducky: Mama must have been wrong when she told me not to play in the traffic. In some settings, playing in the traffic is what keeps many of us coming back to the roadway. And the stores on the sides of the road.


@thepenrod: The thing is, I don't want you to be banned. I've been having a good time, and it's been about a million years since it was fun here. Okay, maybe only half a million. Okay, maybe a couple hundred. Okay, maybe a while, but it felt like a million years.

This week has been VERY busy for me, and I still found time to post answers to some of your questions (and to throw some money at Wine dot Woot while I was at it). Here's hoping you aren't burnt out by next week.


@thepenrod: Don't get banned doing the things @pemberducky suggest. That would be way to easy for them. Make them ban you for making the community a funner place or for talking about mediocre ideas. Maybe then they'll realize the reasoning is a bit silly and start applying some of that good lesson learning they're doing.


Things that will get you banned:
Post counterfeit items from your own store
Rip off the community from your own store
Be hateful to a community member
Spam your own store
Being inappropriate
Shilling or voting on your own store with fake accounts

Those are the only things that can truly get you banned. I don't think intentionally doing harmful things to your fellow wooters is worth it. Most of the above is from retailers not knowing better. The harassing can come from a community member but again I don't think that is your style.

If you want me to do it for your own personal fun I can but I will need your permission to disable your account for no reason.


@thepenrod: Or maybe that line in the FAQ was just a sham and no one ever planned on implementing it? I'm really not sure why its still there. I wouldn't think the rules that definitely aren't going to be enforced would take an act of God to delete. Who knows...


Is broadbanned not readily available in your area?


I think really, really, really lame jokes should be banned. Oh wait, this is Woot! Never mind.


I think @thepenrod is saying:



@belyndag: Absolutely cannot answer for him, but do not think that was his point. I believe (think) that he wanted to test the hypocrisy of the stated FAQs that said: (Paraphrasing: No questions that are not deal related. We'll ban you if you continue to do that.)

I, for one, would love to be accepted by my peers. Keyword is peers. There are, I hope, many here. Sometimes (often) in conflict w/the written (unevenly enforced) and unwritten rules.


@gmwhit: Oh, I get that. I just came across the graphic and it told me to post it. (I'm sure there's medication in my future.) I don't know if anyone has ever actually been banned, other than recalcitrant vendors, that is. Personally, I think they just need to tweak those blasted FAQs again.

(sigh) We begged for FAQs. We PLEADED for FAQs. Be careful of what you ask for, I guess. I wonder if TPTB would trust us to edit them a bit. Hmmmmmm.


@studerc: you forgot " talk about your mediocre gift card"


should read the rules and if you are in doubt ask questions.


Post a link to NSFW pics or vids. Instaban.


Sheesh. Another problem with the working to remove traces of mediocre is that context is lost. I know it is more difficult people, but try to read between the lines... especially after all of the other comments. This question isn't about your typical ban worthy offenses.

You know Woot, things were going great, and then you had to go and do something extremely annoying again. Just stop messing with every little thing. It's no wonder you have no time to catch blatant errors on sponsored deals, or fix the faq. You're too busy micromanaging your fears.


I hope you don't get banned. I think you made your point. It seems that we can now go back to our previous AtC Q's .
Yes, there will be some disappeared. This site isn't covered by the Bill of Rights afterall.
But hopefully fewer and fewer and fewer.

Thanks for the interesting topics the past few days !


Say bad words. Spam people. Spam Woot admins/emails. Declare war against Woot?