questionsis there a safe and/or all natural "doggy downer"?


Put a little bit of St John's Wart in a vaporizer and run it where the dogs are kept, I've heard that works well.


Have you tried the thundershirt? I have friends who have used it with great success.


Benadryl might work and it is safe for dogs.


As a veterinarian, I'll offer the following advice: The thundershirt actually works, though it's too late to buy one for tomorrow. A firmly fitting dog coat or shirt may act as a substitute. Benadryl is safe as a sedative for dogs. Keep the dog in the quietest room you have (basement?). Play music or TV at an elevated level in the room. Put cotton in the dog's ears to deafen it. Vick's Vapor Rub or something with prolonged smelliness on the nose can minimize the scent of gunpowder. Do not act stressed yourself. The dog will feed off your fear. Holding the dog and comforting it can help, but it can also hurt (The dog might think you are afraid and cowering with it). Make sure the dog has an ID on its collar (or even better, an implanted microchip) in case the dog escapes in a fit of panic (I've seen them crash through windows). Keeping the dog in a crate in your quiet area can provide additional security. If the dog is really freaking out, don't get bit. Realize the dog will survive


@nortonsark: Well, I have a 2 year old Chihuahua and a 10 year old Shih Tzu. They will be inside my house, no basement. Maybe a little benadryl in their food/treat?

Apparently, my neighborhood pitched together for a fireworks display and I really don't want them outside at all.


FYI, for Benedryl, my vet said 1mg per pound of weight. I go a bit under that.


@thunderthighs: Thanks! I was gonna spike their water with Vodka, just to be sure ;-)


Benadryl works great on pets and people.