questionsdoes anyone know about k-cup coffee prices coming…


Interesting; when I Googled it, the result directed me back to a thread on deals.woot. They do have a new series with a different cup; don't know if it is larger or small, but looks more like a disc shape. Hopefully it holds less coffee, there is a lot of waste (I usually run one K-cup for a large coffee, then a small from the same cup). The new cup could be K-cup end-of-life for patent, or just another way to stock shelves with more SKUs (when will the retailers retaliate and JUST SAY NO!).


They have reusable cups you can get and you add your own coffee. I realize it adds a little work in what's made to be a convenience thing, but it helps with cost/ecofriendliness.


green mountain recently invented an alternative cup that fits in the k-cup coffee makers, they're way cheaper than the official k-cups. The coffee is just as good or better, too.


There is an alternative from Perfect Pod found here for about $18 that you fill with your own coffee. You need to buy filters for it but its quite a bit cleaner than refilling old k-cups.


Thanks for the feedback guys, but I was just emailed this from a wooter, with all the different search engines and info on the web, it still helps to ask the community! I've attached a very small part of the article I was sent below

Green Mountain’s Expiring K-Cup Patents Attract Coffee Rivals
By Leslie Patton - Nov 18, 2011 12:00 AM ET

Sept. 16, 2012, is D Day -- or at least K Day -- for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR)

That’s when it will lose the main patents on K-Cups, the coffee pods that helped make Green Mountain the largest player in the $1 billion-plus U.S. single-serve coffee market.
Once the patents expire, competitors can make their own version of K-cups and threaten the prospects of a company already battling criticism from hedge fund manager David Einhorn that its market-share gains have peaked. Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital Inc., declined to comment for this story and won’t say if his firm is shorting the stock.


The whole article is very informative, sorry I couldn't attach more, but google part of the article I attached and you should be able to find it!


The patent from GM is expiring sept. of this year (2012) so they are about to get alot cheaper both from GM and others who are ready to pounce with their own versions. + you can always use other items that (not ekobrew...) take the place of the actual kcup and make the cost per cup alot cheaper. But again, GM is getting hammered in the stock market of late cause most are realizing their patent expires soon which opens the door for other alternatives that are just as good and alot cheaper which will force GM to lower the price on theirs even more.


@107bear: (( Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital Inc., declined to comment for this story and won’t say if his firm is shorting the stock.))

He's shorting the crap out of it and making a ton of $$'s.


@itsme1964: I also saw where they are making a different kind of K cup.......... me thinks just enough of a change to require a new machine! This is a way they can patent the NEW K cup, and keep anyone from making a cheaper alternative.