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it just redirects to the main page. I'm pretty sure just redirects.


Just for clarification:

"Family holiday get-togethers are always an unstable mixture of fun and celebration on the one hand, and tedium and tension on the other. This Thanksgiving, Woot is going to help you get away from it all with a weeklong event at - that link will just take you to the front page of Woot right now, but that all changes at the stroke of midnight this Thursday morning. We can't say much more than that at the moment. We'll see you at on Thanksgiving. And unlike your relatives, we promise not to criticize your career choices or spout belligerent political rants. At last, a holiday celebration you can look forward to!"


Hmm, I thought it over again and because of its limited run, I am guessing the name "pop" derives from those "Pop-Up Shops" that sell only holiday-related items during the season. Sort of like Halloween stores, Christmas-themed stores (and Tree Lots for that matter) and the like.

It's probably going to be Christmas-themed stuff since it kicks off right after Thanksgiving.

I don't think the Soda/Father definitions make too much sense for its own spin-off.


Wasn't even aware of it until this.
Maybe it's Woot's "Black Friday" deallyo?

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I'm glad there is only one "o" in the first part of the address...


@arevan: Or they could just be screwing with us. They do enjoy that, you know.


Woot's putting out their own brand of soda, clearly.


I'm so excited! What kinds of pop do you think will be sold? Can I get some Jolt? Some Cheerwine?


@curtisuxor: I also think it's going to be some sort of "pop-up shop" but those have come a long way from "Everything Halloween" and "Christmas Depot" and "Nothing But Purim." There are a lot of companies that put up impressive-looking stores that might not be viable all year round but become destination shopping during the holiday season. . . for example, a Land of Nod toy shop opened near where I work. . . a really nice toy shop, but it's only there till January. and other flash sites have been doing pop-up holiday shops for a while now. I got my sister's present (a granite cheese board) from them last year.