questionsdo you know what day it is?


Hmmm, do I want to drive across town for a free froyo? I have to work late tonight and it's the coldest day we've had this year so I guess the answer is no. Too bad it wasn't yesterday, I drove right past there to use a last minute restaurant Groupon. Thanks for posting. If there was a Menchies near my work or home I would be all over it, cold wind or not.


No such yogurt place any where near. Bummer.

Today is also : Waitangi Day, celebrates the founding of New Zealand in 1840.
Apparently , it is also Bob Marley's Birthday, so they have a lot of reggae concerts to celebrate both.
Those crazy NZers. I wish I could join them, especially since it's summer there.

Eat a kiwi to celebrate ! And put on some reggae music .