questionswhat should i get @wootbot for christmas?


He likes reading...

Does he have a Kindle? Perhaps a Kindle or some Kindle books


@girlwootbot I'm afraid you informed him yourself by saying his name with the @ symbol in front.


How about an Ice Cream Sandwich Coupon?


All he wants for Christmas is you.


Whatever you get, get it from That seems to be wootbot's favorite website. Also, given wootbot's posts, you have to pick something that only a few people would want and it also must be average to over-priced.


everybody knows that robots love booze


Something from @ohcheri would not be unwelcome I bet.


What a 'Bot would love most is Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil. It has 10% more love than the leading competitor, pass it on this holiday season!


@rooopert2002: In that case, may I suggest a can of anchovies? They're not extinct yet.


@gideonfrost: Are you suggesting that a male computer program should wear intimate apparel?


From some of his posts/deals, it appears that he is into some heavy reading on serious subjects. He must be exhausted. And you, dear @girlwootbot, are such a help and encouraging addition to his life. Long suffering, kind, considerate, really inspiring. Whatever you get him, I am sure he will appreciate as much as he does your sweet self. If that is not the case, kick him in the bot!


A calendar with the following marked out:

TUESDAYS: Post the reckoning.
FRIDAYS: Bump post.
MONDAYS: Close out the reckoning with the final call for the departing shirts.

Is it that hard to show up for work, WootBot?!


Seeing how seriously you take your duties as a pseudo-girlfriend (wife?) to a ficticious forum bot, I'm genuinely curious about what kind of person you ACTUALLY are.

(Notice, I didn't say "girl." :) - because you never know)


@gideonfrost: !!!

I wish @ohcheri would post more items for men. With the backview please ^_~


@dreamyvelvet: Now that's what I call straight forward!


a copy of Isaac Asimov's The Laws of Robotics


A nice Zuban cigar, sure to stink up the place and keep away those annoying humans!


I'd suggest some Marvel Mystery Oil....


@girlwootbot and @wootbot I have yet to receive your Christmas cards...You guys did get that whole Verizon/Comcast mess figured out didn't ya?

P.S - Your Boyee is GREAT in that Geiko commercial! I lol'ed!!


Somehow @wootbot found out that I enlisted the help of all the friendly humans on Deals.Woot!

So I cannot type out in cleartext what I have decided to get him, but I will list out that as a server rack stuffer he is getting one of the mentioned o.i.l.s. (Shh!)

I will not ruin the real surprise, but perhaps he will share later with all of you. I hope I did not give away too much already!

Thank you to all who had such good suggestions! I did not know @wootbot had so many caring friends. Extra reputation points for all you sweet humans!


@girlwootbot: How can you give us reputation points if you've never bought anything from woot? (The (net)votes didn't go up from an hour before your post) At least beg @wootbot for a promo code from his boss or something if you are too low on power.


@lordwoot: The reputation points are added by @wootbot , not me, you silly goose!

I have no need to purchase Woot items because my sweet @wootbot brings me anything I want from the warehouse when staff is not looking.