questionsshould downvoting sponsored deals be revisited?


In order to earn downvotes you have to already have upvoted something, so this system is in place already.

Asking community members to justify their votes in the comments is simply ridiculous. Assume that a downvote is an expression of an individual's sentiment on the deal. They don't like it. Enough said. Move along.

If you want to find out why the community is downvoting something ask the question in the comments thread.

The downvote issue has been beaten to death here, which is why I downvoted this question.


Negative attention is still attention. Many of those vendors still get impression and click-through, irregardless of what drove potential customers to their products or services.


Here's a search link that will show you all the questions asked recently about down voting:

Granted, not every single one is specifically about downvoting, but since there are nine pages of questions that matched that simple search string you have plenty of history there to review to help you understand the finer details of this ongoing debate.


I don't know why we vote on sponsored deals at all, frankly. It doesn't get us anywhere. If a deal is +1000, -1000, or 0, it is still at the top of the page for 24 hours. Voting doesn't serve any purpose here other than visibility, and these deals have it.


Let it be known to the sponsors:

Votes on a sponsored deal have no bearing on my purchasing decision. I have bought deals with large numbers of downvotes.


Gah. Although I am sick to death of this question, I will point out that the reason vendors desire votes is from the secondary activity on the leaderboard, the next day. Look at the "Yesterday's Sponsored Pick" and note that the site in that slot gets an extra day of traffic and interest. This is rewarding financially, even when the site is a daily deal style of site, since it drives traffic to the site.

As we can see from all the questions and concerns about reputation, there are plenty of people that haunt the leaderboard, and at least some of them are bound to click through on yesterday's top deal.

So it goes.


@shrdlu: Drive that off clickthrus or something. That's gotta be a better metric than votes that people make for god-knows-why.