questionswhat's the best way to backorder a domain name?


Funny that you posted this as I was just looking to do this 2 nights ago and I came up with nothing since I also have no experience with it.


I've done this before (successfully), but I'd be careful in using a service like GoDaddy. Obligatory confession: I'm not a fan.

The concern is that, when you mark interest in a domain, you may suddenly discover that when it become available, that it's been snapped up by a broker (that sometimes appears to be affiliated with the very organization you'd noted your interest with). Things have become more strict, and this may not happen any more.

I've just looked at my registrar, and no longer see a way to do this, easily. Here's some brief information (on the next comment):


When a domain name has expired, it is still not available for general registration.

First, it is disabled but can be renewed. Each registrar can set the length of their renewal period. 45 days is the maximum length of the renewal period.

After this, the domain name enters the Redemption Grace Period (RGP). During the RGP, the original registrar can reactivate the domain name. The RGP lasts 30 days.

After the RGP, the domain name is deleted within five to ten days. When it is deleted, anyone can try to register the domain name.


You can deal with a domain broker such as Snap Names (, who partners with Afternic (, but that's a fairly expensive way to go. You can also check into Go Daddy's services, and see how much they'll charge for this. I have a couple of domains that I get offered money for now and then, but they are NOT for sale. I wish I could just put that in the whois information for them, but there's no convenient spot.

You might consider contacting the current owner, and see if an early transition is possible. You may also discover that it isn't going to be for sale.

One of my favorite attempts was a person who sent an email telling me that, since I hadn't updated the web pages for several years (I haven't), that perhaps I'd like to sell. I politely explained that I'm an official old fart (yes, that's the technical designation), and that the domains were in active use, and that the world was not always about web pages.

It isn't.


@shrdlu: I just sent an email to a guy to try and buy it to avoid that whole process. I guess I would be waiting until this time next year for it to possibly be free after all the grace periods and whatnot.

I hope he isn't an old fart too and thanks for all the info!


@shrdlu: I'm really curious as to what all (or even some) of your domains are.


@ptucker2: Bear in mind that sometimes, these guys are squatters snatching up domains and holding onto them to sell. That price may be a bit of a surprise. I recently passed on a domain where they wanted some $6+k for.


@thepenrod: Unlikely that I would disclose (or want others to disclose) anything of that sort on a public forum that hits google within 10 seconds (yes, I've actually timed it). I'm really not that interesting, though.

Two of the domains are just things I'm a steward for in any case.

I have 7 total, the two above, another that's really a stewardship also, three that are really the same thing (but in com, net, and org), and one that has to do with family.

I used to have others, but I've given them to friends (or just deleted them).

Domaintools says I have 8, but they're confuzzled.

{Back to work. It's Autumn. I'm crazy busy.}


@shrdlu: Well that's pretty much what I was curious about. And sounds like a bunch of other people I know that have a few domain names.

Is the one where you have the com, net, and org a hobby or business? Seems rather thorough to have all three for anything but a business. Then again, you are a very thorough person.


@thepenrod: Also, you said "unlikely" which is what I thought, but that leaves room for possibility which is why I asked. And I think you're interesting (maybe just not as interesting as the NSA thinks you are.)


@thepenrod: I'm retired. I've had the domains for years. I used to have the .info also, but .info is a swamp, like .biz, and I never did anything with it. The com, net, and org are all in use, for different purposes.

I used to have better than 20, but most are long gone. For a while, after it first become permissible for anyone to own domains (and not cost prohibitive), everyone I knew was setting up multiple domains. Strange and heady times, those were. In the very old days, it was $100 per registration, and it was also when there were rules about which of the big seven you could have, and use, and why.

Commercial (com), Networks (net), Organizations (org, and you were supposed to be non-profit, at that), Government (gov), Military (mil), and of course, Arpanet (arpa). Does it make me old that I can rattle all that off like the names of the flowers in my garden?

Country codes were a separate issue. I could go on, but I'll stop now.


@shrdlu: wow .... arpa net ... you are old ....


@shrdlu: I do a lot of inside work with an outside IT guy who's bought several dozen names over the years, most as sheer speculation. Got an offer last year for 2 related names which brought over $30K- and they're STILL not active sites. The corporation they're linked to just wanted their bases covered.
Odd business.
I only own 2 now, (used to own a few more and just got too busy to maintain 'em) and we use the darn things.


don't. Don't search it. Don't ask about it. Don't type it in anywhere but once. Web alerts. Let it go to auction once it's worth nothing and snatch it up in a bundle. If you inquire about it anywhere you'll either lose it or have to pay a fortune.


@triplebud - I always wondered about this (and had heard what you posted). I guess if I wanted a domain name the only way is to try to register it. If successful then I would own it. If not I would have to try to find out who does. But most of the time I just want to see if it is there but only 1/4 interested in buying it (commitment-phobe? naw)

I have emailed a couple of "interesting" domain names to a friend and he has registered them before. Actually got an offer for one ($500-$1k) but we were semi-interested in actually doing something with it so didn't sell it.


Domain backorder is a service which insures you to grab your desired domain when it becomes available for registration. At present there are several service providers like backorderzone, Domainmonster, Dropcatch, Dynadot etc. who are offering this service. Besides this, several domain registrar companies like and others also offers domain reservation service as like backorder.