questionsis a wi-fi blu-ray worth it ?


Yes, there are reasons to have the connection beyond apps. Blu-ray players with BD-Live can also directly access additional downloadable content from the Internet related to the blu-ray disc that you are watching. The Internet connection is also used to download firmware updates which may fix problems or provide additional functionality.

I would at least have the option of Ethernet. If your Blu-ray player is going to be located near your computer you can just run an Ethernet line. I don't really see a need for wi-fi other than convenience and the fact that it would reduce your cord clutter.


There are Blu-Ray discs that include access to additional online content. Some players also update their firmware via Internet as well. For these you need WiFi or Ethernet.

If you just want to watch the movie, you can get by without a network connection.


I would say it's worth it just for the ease of use. Netflix and Pandora are built into mine (along with some other apps) I use them more than I thought I would. As mentioned updating the firmware is necessary for a lot of players to fix issues and add functionality.


Ok so I am bought in updates are an apparent issue from what I have read. ANyone know if you can just pop a USB wireles adapter in by chance ? I assume this is likely by model but ... I have an extra n dongle laying around


@djbowman: From what I have seen you need to buy a wireless unit that is company/unit specific. So if you buy a Sony bluray player you will need their bluray wireless adapter. I have never tried a non-matched adapter as I use my PS3 for blurays but my assumption is it will not have the drivers needed to use a random wireless dongle.


The question for me is... Is BluRay worth it?


HD-DVD ftw. Anyway, I just bought a wifi bluray player and its pretty nice. I got a samsung 3d wifi bluray player that has lots of "samsung apps" available for it. I can also do neat things like using my android phone as a remote or as a controller for some of the game apps on the player.


The other question is do I just pony up and spend 50 bucks on powerDVD so then I can just use my existing drive to watch movies thats in my computer.


If you are getting a BR player then go with wifi. It is not much more and it is nice to have it if you want it, even if you don't use it right away.


Blu Ray is definitely worth it! The cost of Blu Ray discs has come down significantly and if you have an HDTV the picture quality is stunning, especially in 1080p.