questionsany advice on wall-mounting a computer monitor?


@wormburnr: Hit the stud with what? These are thin metal studs that (I assume) can't just be drilled into in any meaningful way. They are kind of like little "L" shaped things that just hold the drywall up. I have pictures of the inside of the walls and even if I drilled into a stud, there isn't a way to screw into it or anything.


About 10 years ago, I decided to hang my monitor on the wall like a picture. One screw, one piece of string, no issues...and it was 11lbs. If that little screw could hold it, then that L bracket shouldn't have a problem either.

Assuming you don't have access to the other side of the bracket (if you do, then just get a nut/bolt and you're done), you may be able to use an anchor bolt. Depends on what's directly behind the bracket and how thick it is.

@narfcake: Oh, I wondered what a toggle bolt was. Never heard them called that before.


@rprebel: What do you mean "don't have access to the other side of the bracket?" I have access to both sides of the wall that I want to mount this on. It is just drywall with a few inches in between with metal studs. My biggest fear is that the drywall isn't strong enough to support the weight. I think it will be a combined 13 pounds but with the monitor extended a foot away from the wall, the force on the wall will be much greater (if I remember my force times distance torque equation properly). And, these are brand new monitors that I can't have falling a breaking.

We emailed the manufacturer and they gave us a nondescript answer about simply installing it on a stud. I just can't imagine that these metal studs would be effective for this.


@benyust2: I was a custom cabinet maker for a couple of years and I would on occasion have to hang cabinets from walls set with steel studs. The steel studs look flimsy but in reality hold quite a bit of weight if done right. You mentioned wall anchors, that would work fine ( I would recommend the aluminum screw in wall anchors, not plastic). You could also use a wood grabber screw but you will have to work it through the stud (may take a minute with a power screwdriver) but once you push through tighten it up slowly until it is snug. If you tighten it too fast the torque will strip the screw from the stud. There are metal stud screws available but they have a much finer thread than a wood screw and I find that they don't hold any better than the other (metal stud screws have a metal cutting head shaped like a drill-bit that makes it easier to punch through the metal).
There you go, now you have the long version. Good luck!


@benyust2: I don't believe the type of anchor bolt I was thinking of would work in this situation, and the plastic toggle bolts may not be strong enough to hold the monitor when it's extended. Sounds like you may be SOL. Sorry.

If you can use metal anchor bolts, then it may work like wormburnr said.


Thanks for the advice everyone. We sort of gave up that idea and bought mounts that connect to the back of the desk instead.