questionsamazon payments: it's here, enjoy it???


I have never had any problem paying here. It is not like it was difficult or anything. CLICK - money gone - item arrives. As long it isn't ONLY Amazon Payments, there will be no change at all for me.


It will make a bigger difference to a newcomer, than to me, someone who already trusts this site. But it will benefit me in the sense of the occasional Amazon gift cards that can be used here too. It definitely seems like an idea a long time due.


How does your regular account get credited for the purchase?

In other words, I'm just a few purchases away from getting my black square. If I sign in with Amazon to pay, how will Woot know to add those purchases to my number of woots so I can eventually get that black square?


@cengland0: I doubt that would be a problem, I used to pay with PayPal, and they always credited me then.
It just showed in my account as a payment option. Amazon payments should work just the same way.


A Is this b/c Amazon is now competing w/ paypal ?
B Is this another step toward Woot's full assimilation into the mothership ?
C. all of the above.


A few key points:
1.) Amazon Gift Card and Promotional Balances will not transfer or be applicable to purchases.
2.) Amazon Payments will not process a payment for wine or any alcohol or ANY purchase from wine.woot.
3.) This will not enable any function of Amazon Prime shipping.
It really is just another way to pay for stuff, like PayPal. (Which makes me wonder if this is why PP disappeared several months ago...)

The GOOD news: If you use Amazon Payments to pay for your woot purchase, that purchase is covered buy the Amazon A-Z Guarantee.