questionsreward points for renting cars?


Sorry about the limitation to Avis or Enterprise. Hertz offers rewards programs, and is also tied into some others (including American Airlines). For some reason, I thought that Avis had a similar program, but I always find it cheaper, every single time, to rent locally from Avis rather than using my account, so I lost track long ago. I like Hertz best anyway.

Now that Avis offers Budget (trucks, as well as cars), perhaps they're offering something.

I loathe Enterprise, using them only when there's simply no other option.


I haven't found the car rental companies' reward programs to be very satisfying - the best perk seems to be speedier check-in and more upgraded cars.

I try to consolidate my loyalty program behavior, so whenever possible, I turn my car rentals into airline miles. Most of the car rental companies are affiliated with some (if not most) of the major airline reward programs... I give the rental company my frequent flyer info, and it turns into ~500 miles per rental. I tend to do the same with hotel rewards, too, especially when I'm not staying at my favorite chain.


Thrifty allows me to turn my rental dollars into airline points. I think that they assess a $1.50 fee (or something similar) to do this, which is pretty chintzy of them, but since they usually charge a bit less than competitors the tradeoff is acceptable.


Check National Emerald Club. Exec. level gets free upgrades in addition to points/miles, and you can just pick out your car.


Thanks for all of the feedback. It's appreciated. The levels up and upgrades are cool but in reality I usually rent them here local in Bozeman, Montana so since they know by name I pretty much get the pick of the litter anyway. So not a huge extra benefit.