questionswhen will the lava men rise?


We actually are still in negotiations with the Lava Men, and as such, the deadline was pushed back via mutual agreement. We're sure you can understand they felt a little intimidated showing up alongside The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus. How could they get any press if everyone dismissed them as part of the ARG marketing?

So it's too early to say, but Winter 2014 is looking like it might be a solid, especially if we get Kristen Schall on board. Imagine hearing her voice yelling "Oh no! The Lava Men! IEEEEE!" Pretty iconic, right? That's the kind of Lava Men invasion people put on YouTube.


@slydon: That's disappointing.

I mean the part about them being so focused on becoming internet celebrities. They're not so much looking to be overlords as being the next keyboard cat.


@samstag try to see it from their point of view. If you're putting all the resources of your entire underworld kingdom into a march on the hated surface dwellers, you at LEAST want to get better numbers than some cheap Nazi UFO Moonbase movie. It's not so much fame as it is a pride thing. And as sworn allies of the Lava Men God-King Flambento Carbosconi, we want to make sure everyone on his team walks away from the table happy.


When they break free from the lamps!


I don't know but if they do it will probably be around Iceland, Hawaii, or Indonesia.