questionsdoes anybody have @dooomcat's "unstealthiest…


Doesn't look like that one is available right now, but you should post a "wanted" listing over here.


Why isn't that listed with the others?

I thought all designs were listed even if they were out of print. Those that are unavailable should say "out of print"


@cengland0: My gf was trying to purchase it as a gift for me but also couldn't see it on the page. When she reached out to Woot-folks, the reponse she was told that it was a limited edition, printed only for Christmas and so wasn't available any longer



@cengland0: It could be because it was only listed as part of a woot plus sale. It was originally added in the catalog, but removed once the event was over. A complete list of DoOomcat shirts can be found here


Missed it too; good luck in your hunt