questionschallenge: candy connoisseurs consider…


I use a lovely antique cigar box for the candy on my desk, but it doesn't hold as much as adq's.


what kind of candy?

how about something simple like this: (Dimensions: 15.58.310")


We're basically dealing with those small mini fun size bars, Hershey kisses, starburst.


I usually have a good selection of chocolate mini-bars, kisses and starburst. I have gone through as much as 5 bags of candy a week, I usually like something to hold about that hence the current usefulness of my $1 pink pumpkin from Target.


@agingdragqueen: 5 bags a week? That's one way to have an "expanding work force" in the office.

Is a half gallon jar too small? How about 1 Gallon ?


@adadavis: That's the exact jar that I have at home for treats. It is great.

Our HR Director has a basket on her desk, it is very small, but I think the concept would be nice. Something like this bin or something else in their open bin/basket section at the Container Store.

EDIT - I just found this awesome Darth Vader one...might be too small a bowl though.


@mkdr: I like the DV bowl holder.

Of course, there's always the cheap route: Small cardboard shipping box, fold flaps inside,cover with wrapping paper and add a ribbon and bow. Fill with candy = Christmas-themed candy "bowl"


@mkdr: When I was an HR Director I kept a bowl of candy on my desk, too. I thought I had a good picture of it, but this is the best I can find:

I received this in a random gift exchange game one year, and I thought the wide open bowl was more inviting than the jar I had used for years. It doesn't show up well in the photo but it's a crystal bowl about 16' wide and 10" tall. The glass of the base is blue and the bowl itself is clear, with a gold rim. I understand that it came from Sam's Club, and the price was a good deal, although it looks pretty fancy.

It looks pretty empty in this picture, so obviously our COO had just raided it. I learned to hide the really good candy from her. She would dig through the bowl and pick out ALL of the ones she liked!


@belyndag: That is pretty cool! and it also reminded me of this wine.woot offering currently up for grabs...although the opening is not as large as your bowl.


@mkdr: Oooh! A wine.woot item! That would be a great candy jar!


@mkdr: But that's perfect! You've heard of the monkey and the seeds(?) experiment? Researchers put out a large box filled with something tasty to monkeys, but made the opening on the container just big enough to take only a little bit out at a time. Greedy monkeys would get their fists full of food caught by the opening.
Sounds like @belyndag could use something like that to keep her greedy desk visiting candy pig under control.


@lavikinga: Not to worry. I got rid of the greedy candy-grubbing pig by retiring and leaving her there.

Seriously, I didn't mind people helping themselves to candy. That's why I had it out on my desk. The final straw with the COO was when she spotted Hershey Kisses among the assorted candy, squealed with pleasure, flipped the bottom of her blouse up to make a big pocket, and stood in front of me, picking through the entire bowl until she had plucked out every single Kiss. Urgh!


@lavikinga: I have heard of that! Good idea. And @belyndag I can't believe that about the kisses! How completely rude - it is amazing to me the way some people behave in public.