questionsis it ok for a 10yr old to have a kindle fire hd ?


I see no reason to not allow the Kindle. It is a wonderful learning tool and there are controls on the newest version that allow the parent to time the usage (just set it for the hours you will allow the child to use it per day in the settings).


I'm with @morriea on the Kindle Fire HD. Kindle has really good parental-control systems in place.

I'm 2000 years old and close to being an official curmudgeon, so my views on kids and cell phones are probably out of the mainstream, but I don't see any reason at all for a 10 year old to have a phone. The only exception I'd be willing to make is if the phone is one of the simpler non-smart varieties: makes and receives calls, doesn't do facebook, the web, twitter, or any similar social media. Too much possible trouble and way too easy to find it, especially for a 10 year old with typical 10 year old judgment.


Absolutely! If you want content guards, or time controls, etc. - The Kindle Fire has that capability. 10 is a great age to have an almost unlimited library in your hands!

The cell phone - that's up to you, and depends on your situation, needs, maturity of your kid, etc.


The major concern with a kid that age, I would think, would be the possibility of racking up charges for microtransactions within games. A lot of games and other apps targeted to kids are free or every inexpensive but require significant in-game purchases to get anywhere. Someone analyzed the My Little Pony mobile game and discovered it would cost several hundred dollars (or several years of regular play) to complete it. Most adults wouldn't fall for something like that but it's easier to rope in a kid who might not fully understand they're spending real-world money.


@starblind: Any Amazon purchases can be set to require a password before access is granted to the CC on file. This includes in-App purchases (A method of payment is needed). Set your Amazon account to require a password. I simply turned off 1-Click on my account (This works for the Play Store at Google as well - I let my brother with learning disabilities download games from my account, but he cannot buy anything - even accidentally).


@morriea: That is wonderful 2 hear that bit of news! THANK YOU :)


As far as the cell phone... does your child go places without you where you would like him to be able to contact you? (Not school, obviously.) Otherwise, there's no need to have one.


I have a 5 and 3 year old with kindles fire hds. They really enjoy them and majority of the apps I let them play are educational. I have each kindle locked so all they can do is play their apps I choose in kindle free time. They CANNOT do any in-game purchases without the password and they cant browse the internet. I would recommend for the younger kids a sturdy case like this one


Both my nephews, currently 13 and 10 have had Kindle Fire's for over a year now. They love them. My sister and brother-in-law love them. No issues with the in-game purchases without parental approval (accounts are set to require a password which my sister/brother-in-law type in when needed). The kids love to read on them and play some games. Seems like a good, low cost starter tablet that's also a great e-reader for kids.


The kindle is great for kids, even younger than 10 (with parental controls of course)! I love that you can set time limits for each activity. I'd suggest opening it up first and setting it up. You need to know how everything works before passing it off to the kids :-) then charge it, repack it up and it'll be ready to go on xmas. You can also avoid that point where you have to take it away from your kid to set up the protections.

Nice call on the cell phone though, 10 year olds do should not have cell phones. I'm sure someone will come along and tell me how mature their little johnny is but however mature you think your 10 yr old is he's still just a 10 yr old.