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I have been following it over the last week. I got a nice play tent that I used this past weekend that I really like. I went into this deal knowing I would most likely get something I would have no use for, this was simply for the fun of the mystery box.


O-O Interesting read. Glad I didn't even consider it


I'm mostly disgusted with how they blatantly disregarded their own "rules" for the box, especially by sending item's priced under their parameters and the baby swings. Not to mention they currently have a woot+ sale named super clothes and its all costumes.

I mean as if wooters don't post links to past items etc. And now they just seem to be ignoring the problem as if that Will help.

I guess I know why they aren't capable of receiving PayPal payments anymore... too many returns disputes etc.


@conanthelibrarian: the play tent, scootcase, and alphabet train seem like the only "good" items reported so far, so congrats! Those seem like a fraction of the accounts though.

The milk straws, darth vader costume, inflatable globe, and fanny pack all seem far short of the $15 price. Heck, even Amazon itself sells the fanny pack thing for $11.



When this Woot was Wooting, I asked whether the "toy item" we would get would indeed be a toy. I asked because I have routinely bought toys & art supplies & stuff like that from Woot as toys for tots items, but I really wanted to be sure I would get something that would be, you know, fun for a kid. But my question wasn't really answered, so I passed on the random item, & I'm glad I did.'

More & more, I find myself asking myself a question: Why did Amazon buy Woot? I mean, the stuff that made Woot attractive in the olden days were things like random bags of carrots, & Woot-off nutziness, and good discounts, and a mad array of community members posting funny stuff. And it seems like that was enough to attract Amazon & cause them to buy Woot...but then Amazon has seemed to go about taking away the stuff that made Woot unique. This latest Random Kids thing seems like just another disappointment.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was going to buy one of those but I ended up deciding it would probably be something crappy and stayed away. I'm really glad I stayed away from this one. I'm gonna finish reading the rest of these comments but after the first ten or so... I don't know, it's really bumming me out. I bought a woot backpack and was really excited about it because woot's always gonna have a special place in my heart and I started checking the nightly items and things a lot more... but they keep doing things like this and it's really a bummer... I dunno, words escape me right now...

I heard some stuff from some people that made me excited to come back and check things out more but that excitement is fading again. blah. whelp... I'll finish reading comments and hopefully see some good news in these comments.


On another note, I may be speaking too soon, but how often do you see every comment with 0 downvotes, and 0 downvotes on the question. It kind of shows that it's a unanimous decision that this really blows... I guess we'll see tomorrow afternoon.

(I am almost expecting this comment to have 55 downvotes haha)

Edit: oh wait do we even have 55 voting members anymore? maybe not... Please prove me wrong, that we have more than 53 voting members nowadays... that's a far cry from What we had before


I thought it was a horrible deal even when it was going on, even if they'd stuck to their rules. They were promising items worth at least $15.99 for $15 + shipping. If someone posted a 'random item, 99 cents off!' on deals.woot they'd get downvoted to oblivion. No idea why so many wooters drank the kool-aid on this one. It wasn't even close to a good deal even as advertised.


For those curious, this is why "random box deals" are prohibited on Deals. There was a rush (a few years back) where everybody and their cousin was selling a random box of stuff "guaranteed worth more than X dollars!" A few of these were even sponsored deals. In many (most) cases what arrived (if it ever did) was nowhere near close to what had been promised.

I find it ironic that Woot has done exactly what it was supposed to be against.


I didn't participate because I don't have kids yet and Black Friday is usually better for the toy drive. I really hoped woot! was going to come through on this though. If successful I believe they would have restored a bit of faith and brought back a few more customers. Reading those comments makes me embarrassed to be apart of this site. I knew other companies jumped at the chance to rip people off but I didn't think Woot! had sunk so damned low. I guess I was wrong.


I didn't jump on this random pack (even though I am usually the first to do so, especially when it's Woot)...

but sadly Woot only exists in name-only.


I am so glad I didn't hit that big old button on this one. The irony of the one costume that people received was not lost on me


bumping this thread hoping for a mod to address this.


What? Disappointing, misrepresented, and overpriced items from a random woot? This is very shocking and completely unexpected from such a trusted company that has been making all the right decisions lately and that values its customers, especially the ones who have been around for a long time.

I hope this blunder isn't indicative of a larger, growing, systemic problem.


I can’t really complain. I got the inflatable globe that previously sold for $19.99. Not only that, they sent me another one a couple days later. I only ordered 1, was only charged once, and only got 1 tracking #. Weird. I’ll probably keep one and sell the other.
I bought one because it was the first of its kind and I didn't want to miss out if this was a move by woot to restore faith among the community. (I’d say it had the opposite effect.) When I bought it, the button was flashing and they had announced last call on twitter. I got really disheartened when they extended the sale by “finding more items that met the criteria”. I knew at that time the items would not be anything special if they’re able to just find more to sell. It said you’d save at least a dollar, but I really expected to see a few REALLY good deals. So far, it seems like people only saved a max of $5 on something they didn't want or need. I won’t be buying another “random item” if offered again.


i was bummed when i had found out i missed the sale, because i would have liked to buy some boxes for my nieces. however, after checking out the comments, i'm glad i missed out.

FWIW, i don't think milk straws are toys.


@kfujita: They're not toys, but only the write-up said you'd be getting toys. (the writers have no idea what they're talking about most of the time) The Spec and Features tabs showed it as a kids "item". I think the straws met all the criteria listed. Kids item, price range, not clothes or shoes.


@bsmith1: ah you're right...only the write-up had mentioned toys. my mistake. i think i had read too much into the comments. :P


Heh. Have to agree with @natedogg828: ... the irony of the Garth Mader costume continues to make me snicker like a 6th grader.


@thepenrod: "I hope this blunder isn't indicative of a larger, growing, systemic problem."

<< snort! >>


@wilfbrim: "... this is why "random box deals" are prohibited on Deals. [...] I find it ironic that Woot has done exactly what it was supposed to be against."

Ya think?!


@ginawoot: I was hoping somebody would quote Tommy Boy with, "I'm picking up on your sarcasm" so that I could reply, "Well I should hope so. I was laying it on pretty thick."


I'm pleased to say that I got a partial refund on the Random Kids.Woot. Not the whole thing, but getting something back helps.


Read the description for today's item on main woot....I'm all for sense of humor, but that looks like a not so subtle dig at their customers to me....and I have NEVER been one to complain here. This whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth towards woot. They very blatantly took an approach that seemed to convey a message of "What exactly CAN we get away with? Would anyone notice if this became an Amazon clearinghouse?". They don't seem to comprehend that it has very little to do with money and everything to do with a violation of trust. The current woot item description only seems to confirm my suspicions. They are poking fun at a violation of your trust an passive-aggressively passing the blame on the customers for not understanding a poorly written description that was clearly an affront to common sense (Costumes aren't clothes? Baby swings are not baby items?)