questionsdoes anyone else see the irony in ceramic knives…


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Ha, I thought you were talking about the irony of the "latest technology" shattering when you drop it.


Ha! No, I hadn't thought about that. We have a few and like them, but the biggest advantage to them for us is that they stay sharp and don't rust if we leave them on our boat. Even the best stainless or carbon steel don't handle that environment well. We're waiting for ceramic forks and spoons to come out!


@belyndag: Have you thought about Lexan forks and spoons? They make them for backpackers as they're lightweight and strong. And, as a plus for the boat they not only won't rust but also should float!


Most of my kitchen knives were forged within the depths of Mount Doom. The only downside is that they're not dishwasher safe


There's no iron in ceramics.


@ryanwb: "One does not simply walk into the kitchen. Its black gates are guarded by more than just orcs."


What's ironic about ceramic cutlery?


Yes, I do see the irony. But then, I also thought it ironic that the original name of the Paleo diet was the Caveman diet. Those poor souls ate anything they could find or kill. ...And lived very short lives. Not denigrating the Paleo, it definitely has a lot of pluses. Eating grass fed beef, lots of vegetables, no sugar, no wheat, etc. is good for you. Especially avoiding processed foods.

Re: Ceramic knives? Whatever cuts the cheese (pun intended), pork, beef, etc.


Go for titanium forks and spoons.


@gt0163c: Not familiar with those! Will definitely investigate! Thanks, much!


Complete the trifecta, use a ceramic skillet.


@belyndag, & @anorion: I was just gonna suggest Getting one of these x however many people your boat can accommodate..


@earlyre: Wow! Pretty darn cool!

The really funny thing is that it plays into an inside family joke. MIL sets out (stainless) sporks at all casual meals for each person EXCEPT DH! He HATES sporks for some reason!