questionshey mods, when you rip a deal do you actually…


You are quite good at RIP'ing your own deals, unlike some other stores I have noticed.


Maybe some of your competition thought they could pull a fast one.

Or one of the whiners.


@mtm2: That's what I think happened...grrr...


@rlapid2112: I always RIP my deals, thanks for noticing :-)

If the mods just take someone's word that the deal is dead without even clicking on the link it leaves the system open for abuse.


Your deals are far from dead. :) Thanks for always cleaning up on your posts. I wish everyone would.


@ohcheri: IF we could get half the posters here to pay as much attention to expiring their posts as what you do, we wouldn't have half the quantity of pages of old "deals".

THANK YOU for cleaning up. (This is said in seriousness, not sarcasm.)


I'm glad the community notices and appreciates the fact that I always expire my deals when they're dead. Now if we could please get someone from the staff to respond...preferably the person responsible for killing this deal:

This deal is still valid, please explain why it was RIP'd?


@ohcheri: Do you really think the mods care? Not trying to be rude but I doubt they actually care either way :( I'm sure it takes 3 or 4 tattles and then the deal is RIP'd automatically?? Not sure though and thanks for cleaning up thats pretty cool of you to do so!


The same thing happened to me. I tried to tattle to bring it back alive, but didn't work. I should have just reposted. Some i.diot said it was dead, obviously tattled, and it RIPed. It wasn't dead!


@ohcheri: I saw your comment on the deal itself, where you invoked @jumbowoot, and I thought I'd add a few, just for sport. Perhaps (at a minimum) @thunderthighs might have insight, or at least be able to repair it. I believe that his royal dealness, @loosecannon67, may also be around somewhere. It often seems that he steps in when JW is off playing in other fields.

I think that tattles can be researched, although only by a very limited set of staff, but you probably know that, even if they recognize what tattle or tattles caused this premature burial, there seems to be no way that a finger can be pointed in any direction, unless (oh, so very unlikely) the person who ripped it shows up and confesses.

I hope that we see it repaired soon.


@jseureau: The mods are the only ones who can RIP the deals so whether they "care" or not is irrelevant, someone from the staff killed this deal and I would just like to know if it's a personal attack from a moderator on a power trip (I can think of one in particular that will not be named) or are there people fraudulently tattling and the mods don't spend the 1-2 seconds to click the link and see if the tattle is correct.

I am curious, how many tattles does it take for a mod to kill a deal?


@ohcheri: It takes ZERO tattles, but that happens almost never. Usually a greater number of tattles is more likely to cause action to be taken. The mod you are speaking of does not have moderator powers this time of the week. Yes, I know who you mean, and yes, I'm sure of what I just said.

I'm really leaning towards a person or persons in the manner that @mtm2 suggested.

[Edit] Also, just to make it clear, expiring a deal is (to my knowledge), never ever automatic. It's always a person doing it. Perhaps a very overworked person, but a person nonetheless.


@shrdlu: It's seems very unfair that some random person can lie about things like this and get away with it but it's not my sandbox so I can't make the rules. I'll just try to avoid the cat poo while I'm in here :-)


@ohcheri: It is unfair, but I'm not sure there's much you can do about it, other than to make it public (so that it happens less often). I believe you have the respect of he who must be obeyed and that is no small accomplishment, and I truly believe this is a genuine mistake. I know that in past you were targeted, but those days are over (as far as I know).

You may not be providing actual income to Deals or Woot, but you are an exemplary vendor, following all the rules, including many that are unwritten, and you're selling a product that people seem to want. They aren't my cup of tea, but then, few things here are (I don't recall any deals selling Victorian furniture, for example).

Pity there's a woot off, since that will distract anyone who might otherwise be focused on this problem. I'm off to dreamland, myself, but I hope that this is repaired in a few.

Good luck. :-}


I'm afraid I can't speak to this topic at all. As a community mod, I rarely RIP deals. Someone from the Deals staff will have to answer these questions.


@ohcheri: Great question, I often wonder if the mods click on the link before they RIP a deal when I clean up old post. I hope we get a reply!

vote-for-10vote-against's everyone's duty having a check before expire other's post!but there are some guys.........good luck!^-^


Looks like something that will need to be researched by the deals staff (I tend to only kill pre-deals/mystery boxes/obvious rule breakers like spam like the rest of the community team), but IMO if something isn't expired I'm pretty sure it could be reposted, unless there's some other problem with the deal.

Sorry we couldn't be much more help here!


@inkycatz: Thank you for chiming in here. Reposting is fine but doesn't address the question.

What if a tattler has an agenda and the mod doesn't check the deal before killing it?

For example, tattling on a popular deal and then reposting it so his/her deal can be the one to go popular? Or, in my situation, someone who doesn't like a lingerie products being at the top of the "Top" tab and so tattles on it to make it disappear?

There really is no other answer for why my deal was RIP'd. The deal was valid (and still is at the time of this reply) and anyone clicking on the link could see that.


@ohcheri: We are looking into this and we'll respond when we have a resolution. The post is not expired at this time.

There are cases where a moderator will recieve a page not found error and expire the deal. All tattles are verified for accuracy before any action is taken.

I can confirm that there were no tattles for the post in question prior to yours at 10:42 informing us that the deal was not expired.

All told.


@jumbowoot: Thank you for your response. I can tell you this is the second time this week this has happened so possibly the mods are supposed to check before expiring a deal but it's not happening.