questionswhy did my rep drop to 1?


Well, you've posted three deals, asked one question (this one), and made a couple of comments (but only on deals you'd posted, and one other). It used to be easy to add rep, and very difficult to lose much of it, but the system changed a while ago.

If you go to this link

It'll show you some nice, handy, dandy little gauges that tell you what you're good at, and what you need to work on. In addition, unlike the past, lack of activity (especially when you'd had so little to begin with) causes rep to drop quickly.

Try voting on some deals, just for starters. The Fresh tab always needs filtering, and it's the community here that does it.

[Edit] In the meantime, here's some fun reading.


mine says i need to ask more questions. so, uh.. what's up guys? how's your weather?


Thanks for the help, I thought it only had to do with posting good deals. I still don't see how I warranted a 95 point drop!


I have made some negative comments both about Woot and about how things are judged. Just checked Leaderboard before signing out. Have now droppeed to 80 from 86. Warning, do not speak your mind here if you want to keep your standing. I am gone, because it would appear to be what TPTB want from me, and frankly, I am not interested in this site any longer. BTW, I am still waiting for the vacuum cleaner I ordered last week to arrive. Not only are the raters on the leaderboard petty and vindictive, the shipping on items is lame.


@jreednet: As I'd pointed out, the reputation system has changed. Dramatically. It now requires that you maintain it. You can't just earn it, and walk away, and come back, later, and have it still there. Stick around. Post some deals. Vote on other deals. It's a community, not a contest (or at least I like to think of it that way). Vote up useful/funny comments.


@klozitshoper: This is the voice of experience speaking...Please remember, if you make frequent comments that receive no votes, it will lower your score. THIS IS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED.

You are not being singled out for making a comment negative or otherwise. Think of it like baseball. If you go up to bat just once and hit a home run, your ratio of hits to home runs is fantastic, right? But if you go up to bat, swing and miss, then your ratio goes down. In other words, a person who imparts words of wisdom rarely rambling off into idle chatter, is considered wise and valued. Frequent low rated comments will lower your score. It's QUALITY versus QUANTITY. Nothing more :)


LOL. And you can forget about that vacuum cleaner!


@w00tgurl: I have to ask questions, too. We have beautiful sunshine and low temps. Is everyone ready for the weekend?



What @lavikinga said.

I've barely been around in about 2 months and was surprised to see that I was no longer a black-triangle when I came back and made a post after being summoned by @shrdlu. Because I've been away, I'm not up to date on how the new rep system works, but it seems to recalculate your overall rep somewhere between every day and every few days.

I posted for the first time in forever 3 days ago. Since then my rep has gone from - I'm not even sure how low it had dropped in my absence, but it was in the purple range - back up to to around 99%, then up again to about 99.3%.

Hah, I just checked and it's dropped back down to purple again - 98.26%. Maybe you're on to something, @klozitshoper. Just kidding. They have an algorithm that determines rankings. There's not a vindictive person assigning your score.

Now the big question: Can I still see (Wedit) deals as a recently-black-triangle?


@anotherhiggins: Oh, man. You KNOW the first thing about fight club is you don't TALK about fight club. Also, the answer is Nope, Nada, Zilch, No Way, Not a Chance, Take a Hike Buddy, Yer Outta Here, You Lose...

Mercy, but I crack myself up. I really do. :-D :-D :-D


@niloc225: your question doesn't count if it's a comment.


@klozitshoper: unless you ordered a vac and paid for express shipping, I think expecting it in a week or less is unrealistic. 10-14 business days would be more along the lines of expected shipping with most companies.


@klozitshoper: that is because no one bothers voting for your comments and it dilutes your number. I recall the bible saying something about fools being too chatty......


@thewhitetriangle: That will teach me to pay better attention to Proverbs. I thought it was Mark Twain.


@thewhitetriangle: I thought the thing about fools had something to do with them being soon parted from their money.