questionsit's flag day. who else is showing their colors?


We are. When we rebuilt our porch, my top priority was a well place spot for the flag pole. My husband found some excellent solar lights for us and the neighbors that illuminate both of our flags at night as well so we keep it up at all times. And I chose a very nice blue as the accent for the porch, so when my husband made flower boxes and painted them that color, of course we had to use red and white flowers. We are all decked out in our patriotic colors.


We just rebuilt our porch Memorial Day weekend and I forgot that I didn't have a new flag holder, so I went out this morning to hang my flag, but I couldn't :(

Will have to get a new holder and mount it this weekend.


Wish I'd known about it, I'd have worn one of my flag shirts. Thursday is my Friday and I dress "vacation theme" on Thursdays in the summer, so I am wearing a tropical print shirt I bought in the Bahamas, the shell necklace and earrings I bought from a street vendor in Belize, a hemp bracelet I bought at the Midnight Market in Cairns, and the leather sandals I bought on vacation in San Diego.


We fly our flag every day!


I had my toenails painted with the flag yesterday (not an exact replica, but no one will be that close to see if there are 13 stars :)) by my daughters best friend. I am also wearing my red, white and blue Keds.


I had intended to fly my "Betsy Ross" flag today but the threat of rain stopped me from doing it.


I believe I'm wearing Belgium today. Does that count?


That explains all the extra flags I saw flying today.

Me, I always have my flag out.

I should have worn my flag shirt today though, wish I had payed more attention to what was going on around me!


@psumek: Blue pants, green and yellow shirt...I guess I'm wearing Brazil.


just replaced our old one with a brand new one a few weeks ago. ours flies everyday!


I bought one here on woot! a few weeks back and have had it outside every day since, save one when it was raining.


I fly my flag almost every day, and all night under illumination. I only take it down when we have very windy days (the kind that make me fear for the flag getting ripped off the house)

Anyone that is in need of a flag, check out the American Legion emblem shop for some good flags, and their prices are very good. I use a Vally Forge pole that has spinning attachment points on it and prevents the flag from winding on the pole, buy I buy replacement flags from the Legion.


Good to see people breaking the Flag Code by wearing and otherwise abusing the image of our flag.


Count me in. My flag flies daily.


Good to see people celebrating the flag, its colors, and everything that it represents.
Wear your flag shirts, nail polish, and Keds proudly!