questionsdid anyone else snag the koozie 3-pack on shirt…


I've gotten tote bags (3) from shirt.woot and I'm happy with them. I use them to keep together the various papers, notes, books for the various activities I'm in and they work well.


I don't usually keep my beverage in its container long enough for it to appreciably warm up, so don't really need koozies.
Na'am sayin?

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Just did and just bought'em. Thanks for the heads up!


If I had a coupon, I probably would. But I have the same issue as @j5. I'll save my $6 for now.


@j5: It's about the style, not the function. :)

To answer the original, no, I did not buy the random koozies.


Yup. Three for me, three as a last minute xmas gift / white elephant gift. I figure toss in a six pack of good beer and you have a man-gift.


@j5: I am in the same boat, but on occasion I do use koozies. I also had a few coupons sitting around, so 3 koozies with cool designs on them for a buck shipped is fine by me.


Nah, I have already used all of my coupons and haven't found anything to piggyback shipping with that I need/want. They'll come around again...they always do. :)