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@nexter - It is your question that is linked to in the news story, BTW.


@bingo969: the link seems to redirect to (at least for me).

here it is again in case anyone else has issues:

edit: DW's linking system seems to break it. just copy/paste.


@carl669: Thanks for trying, but that link takes me to the games page too. ok did the cut and paste. got it.


So, they referenced a 1.5 year old question answered by a handful of people? Glad to see yahoo is keeping itself relevant and up with the times.

I thought that kind of quality journalism was relegated to fair and balanced news sites... :/


@okham: The Fair and Balanced News Site is the only one of the big Media ones worth watching.. =/ (Go Fox!)

EDIT: Unless you hate guns and constitutional rights.. then The other 3 are wiser choices.


@devexityspace: I personally think most news networks are crap. But I really can't take that channel seriously.

I get my news from the only unbiased location. The internet. :)


That same question about Amazon Warehouse deals came up more recently than the one linked in the article. Why wouldn't they have used that one?