questionspurchased breville toaster oven this morning. you…


I'd assume you mean this purchase during the woot-off:

And B/A stands for Bank of America, right?

Going off that information try doing the following.

Check e-mail looking for order confirmation.
Also, (after suppling creditials to log-in) and see if it shows up as the most recent purchase. The second line on the left side should be order status. The line above it is your order id so if you need to copy that number and use to contact customer support. You should (hopefully) receive an automatic ticketed reply showing that Woot does care and wants to assist you in this matter. During the downtime waiting for an actual reply you can keep checking you BofA account to see if the funds went from pending to actually posting. As the credit transaction can be declined but the funds still float until it is cleared from either side. Best of luck!