questionsdo you know anything about turtles?


Do NOT allow it to get ninja training.

Grats on your pet! I had a tortoise many, many years ago so I'm not really a huge help. I did find this PDF from Petco which may help.



I used to want a red-eared slider - they seem awesome! I never did get one, though, so I'm not really helpful. You might be able to chat with someone at your local pet shop (especially if it's locally owned & operated) to see if they have any additional useful tips. Roosevelt is an awesome name!


I rescued a musk turtle from a swimming pool strainer once. Kept it over the winter. He was the size of a quarter when I found him. He grew to about twice that size in the 4 months I had him. He was fun and surprisingly feisty for his size. He really wasn't much trouble to take care of.

Since they are native to these parts, I released him in the spring.


don't spill radioactive waste on their shells unless you need help fighting ne'erdowells and aliens


bet on them in races vs. rabbits.


I hear they really like pizza, and blond girls.


I hear they can sing. Oh geez, now I'm really showing my age!


Turtles live for a VERY long time. Make sure you want a "forever" pet, because that's pretty much what they are.


In all seriousness, watch the dogs around your new turtle-y pal. They can do serious damage if they get hold of Roosevelt and decide to "play" or think she's an invader. Her shell won't protect her from them if they decide to mess with her. Cracked shell or puncture injuries are very possible, or if they are particularly aggressive toward her, they might kill her if you aren't careful.

I hate to bring the mood down, but it's definitely something you should keep in mind.

Oh, and she'll need a bandanna with eyeholes... see that you get on that ASAP. :-)


Wow, thanks so much for the advice for Roosevelt! The jokes were expected but appreciated. @Inkycatz wow that link was really helpful, I used it as a checklist when I went to the pet store today to get tank stuff for her. :)

@kalira: Thanks for that, I'll make sure that my turtle stays away from dogs--especially my mother's dog because she is tiny but VERY curious.


Pet store guy said they have salmonella as part of their natural flora. Wash your hands every time you touch it. Especially kids, and especially kids under 5 since they can't fight it. At the zoo when they have petting days, kids under five are not allowed to touch many of the salamander/iguana/turtle type animals under any circumstances.