questionswe're adopting a new puppy!


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Thanks for your choice of source for a puppy! In answer to your question: would you spend $200 for a papered pet? A no-kill shelter will put the same $$ to much better use to save animals than lining the pockets of a breeder or puppy mill. Your puppy will be healthy and up-to-date w/all it's shots. Our manx is a rescue kitten and we have always had rescue cats in the house. We are guessing that she had very little time w/her momma because she does not 'knead' (feeding behavior) and her favorite place is on my wife's chest/neck where it is warmest and she can feel 'mama's' heartbeat.


hooray and congrats on getting one from a rescue/shelter!

we got ours from a rescue and the adoption fee was $200 as well. most of the rescues/shelters we worked with while we were searching ranged from $150-250, so that price seems to be the norm.


@zippy the pinhead: I'm more than happy to pay for the adoption fee. I guess I'm hoping this is in line with other rescues. They are non-profit of course but is $200 a typical amount? The county shelter (no-kill) has more of my money than I like to think about :-) but their fee is $85. Does the private organization need more funding to stay afloat or is this amount high and they're just not being so frugal with my money


I paid $400 for Simba from Great Dane Rescue. They don't get hardly any puppies, people don't dump giant breed dogs till they are already the size of what most people think is a big dog and aren't even half grown yet. Simba was 5 months old, 60lbs, and in good health. I got bumped to the top of the waiting list for a puppy because my previous adoption through them was a senior rescue with cancer that I cared for for till she passed. Although the usual fee is $200, I was happy to pay the $400 because I know they were caring for some hardship cases that were costing them a fortune and might never be adoptable. I just considered it a donation to a cause close to my heart. Congratulations on your new family member!


Oh, since no one has mentioned it and I don't know how experienced a dog owner you may be, I did want to mention this. Getting a new dog may help your Pom's need for attention, or it may make it worse as you'll be dividing your attention between her and the new puppy. In fact, people tend to give even more attention to the puppy. She may not see the puppy as a new friend, but as a rival for your time and affection. If you haven't managed this transition in the past you may want to read up on it some, just in case there's trouble.


@moondrake: We've had her around other dogs for extended periods of time since she was 4 months old. My sister-in-law has a small dog that we keep for weeks out of the year and daphne loves him being there. We've discussed the possibility of her seeing the new pup as a nuisance but we're as ready as we can be for that. We've each had dogs for as long as we've been alive, each one is different and we do not have any set expectations. Thanks for the concern :-)

My wife's family has always had Great Danes (daphne actually plays with them), we plan to get one when she gets out of school.


@nmchapma: So which one on the page is yours ? There are a few terrier mixes. Must see puppy : )
Congratulations on your new family member !
Yay for puppies ! Double Yay for a rescue baby !


@nmchapma: Great, it sounds as if you are well-equipped to work through "blending" your canine family.


@nmchapma: The money's right in line with what I'd expect for a private, non-profit organization. Congratulations on the addition to your family! I love animals. It's people I don't care for very much. I've been known to go visit local businesses just to get a dog or cat (or both) fix (I have no pets, currently).

There will be pictures when you bring the puppy home... OR ELSE.

I'm not sure or else what, exactly, but I think we'd all like to see both of them. Please?


@shrdlu: Sure :-)

@ceagee: He's not on the website yet because hes so new. My wife found him here.

The pic isn't very good but I'll post some up when we get him.


Also I just noticed the ad says shih Tzu mix but the foster mom said terrier


@nmchapma: Hoping for shih-tzu. The professional trainer on my Great Dane list calls terriers "terrorists". Fondly, they have one in their household. But they are notoriously bullheaded and ahem assertive.


@nmchapma: is a great site! Congrats on your new baby!!!


@nmchapma: Congrats on deciding to get your pet her own pet! And yes, the $200 is not only in keeping but (based on rescue groups in Florida) it's on the low side. Most rescue groups have vet costs (not just routine exams, shots, and neutering but also surgery when needed to bring the dog to good health) that have to be covered, at least some admin expenses, and some even try to stipend some of the foster parents if necessary.

My son and DIL just became "failed foster parents" because they adopted the bonded pair of Bostons they were fostering. They're thrilled with how the two dogs keep each other company. I currently have two half-sibling poodles and previously had two unrelated poodles. If your current baby gets along with the newcomer, you're likely to see all sorts of happy changes.

And yes, I want to see pictures too!

EDIT: I'm no expert, but I'd say more likely Shi-tzu than terrier. And he needs a new hairdresser -- that last coloring job is a little splotchy [grin]!


Find more animal shops and compare their prices to find the best one. Before take her to home rember
have a check.


Picture looks like a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix. Something for everyone! What a cutie! Congratulations. DD has a rescue Shih Tzu who is the sweetest and funniest dog we've ever had. A breeder on an Animal Planet show once called Shih Tzu's the "happy go lucky" dogs. According to her, a Shih Tzu never has a bad day.

In my next life I want to be a Shih Tzu.

Although, now that I think of it, coming back as a Shih Tzu/Terrier-Terror mix might be even better. Especially if adopted by great folks like you.

I am still grieving my Border Collie, but will remember to use and when I am ready to adopt another pup.


@nmchapma: adorable. Can't wait for better pics ! I bet you can't wait to get him home !


I think $200 is about the norm where I live--a $200 well spent at a rescue organization.


And why would anyone want to down vote a thread about puppies?


I have put in an application for a rescue dog with a non-profit rescue group. The adoption fee is $350.00 which I feel is very reasonable especially considering the dog has been in the hospital for a few weeks now. He had been found on the road after being hit by a car. Among other things he had a broken leg.

I wish you all the best with your new puppy.


@barnabee: It not the puppy they are down voting :-)


@nmchapma: I don't mean to sound a bit dense but are you saying the people who down-voted did it because of you personally? If that's not what you mean please explain.


@jnissel: That's exactly what I mean. We've all got haters that follow us around, I've probably got a few more than most. I'm also much happier thinking someone down voted me instead of down voted someone adopting a puppy.


@jnissel: Go through any recent question. It's sad, but it's just as @nmchapma says; there are people who down vote every single question, every single comment, from certain people. Take a look at this question, and note that certain responses have exactly one negative vote. I've gone on down voting binges myself (not lately, though), but they're usually in response to hateful comments, or spam deals.

A while back, TT had mentioned that she'd forward up the suggestion to end the "experiment" but I'm sure that it didn't go very far. There haven't been any actual changes to the site, or the way things operate under the hood, since Shawn Miller vacated the premises. I'm sure that the folks that are left spend most of their time just trying to keep things going.

Back on point. I actually spend some time just voting random comments up in questions I might otherwise ignore. In fact, I see my earlier comment here received a downvote. This one probably will too, sooner or later.

So it goes.


@jnissel: Our rescues here tend to do an inverse adoption fee. If your pet was healthy when surrendered, you'll pay a higher adoption fee than for those that came into rescue with problems. People adopting the ones with health issues pay a lower adoption fee. I feel that's fair, as adopting a pet with health or behavioral problems can be expensive, so keeping the adoption fee low helps balance that.


I'd guess that there are quite a few of us have acquired some "special" friends who don't like to play nice.


@nmchapma said "That's exactly what I mean. We've all got haters that follow us around,": Come to think of it I probably have my fair share as well. I'm not one to let it bother me but it's still a darn shame that people get their kicks by down-voting for no good reason.


@barnabee: We can do without "friends" like them.


UPDATE: We went to see him on Saturday and found out he has 25 families interested in him. We were worried but she called us on Sunday night and told us we got him! I'm sure she was exaggerating and attempting to show the rescue as a little bigger than it really is but still they do wonderful work and we're very happy he'll be ours soon. He was just neutered today and we're going to get him on Friday. My wife decided she liked the place so much that we would throw in a donation on top of the adoption fee. They have all types of animals there and everyone out there is a volunteer. I'd encourage anyone within driving distance and looking to adopt to check them out.


Oh and he is a shih tzu mix. and he's every bit as adorable as we thought he would be. I'll share pics as soon as he is home :-)


Yay! for both you and the pup.


@nmchapma: First time I've checked in here in a few days -- congratulations!