questionswho downvotes a free item?


Some people don't like rebates. They either don't trust the merchant to actually send the rebate, or they don't trust themselves to remember to submit the rebate. On top of that, this rebate is a Newegg prepaid card rather than cash, which would also curtail interest for a lot of buyers.

Another possibiltiy is that since you called it a Tiger Direct rebate (here and on the posted deal), instead of a Newegg rebate, that may have had some impact too (depending on how people feel about these merchants).


@gionot: Ha ha yeah youre right for some reason(or a couple) i confused tiger and new egg...and yeah i've had trouble with both in the past but not for the last 2 years.


@fmp031000: Still not a reason to down vote the deal though. A lot of deals don't appeal to me, including the one you posted, but that doesn't make them bad.


@fmp031000: Or maybe it's just the same grumpy person who down-voted this question.(walks away shaking head)


Oh the mystery of the downvote! I've had people downvote (I assume the it's the same people to leave angry comments to the same effect) deals for free food at restaurants simply because the restaurant isn't in their area - even if it is a huge national chain. I would understand if it was a small local restaurant. I think I've given up wondering why....some people are just angry I think :(


@mkdr: Probably the same people who yell at the Salvation Army people to stop ringing their bells. Or the ones who protest a Christmas Tree being put up at a State Capital. They're just grumpy this time of year, and taking it out on other folks is what they do!


I will downvote a free item if the shipping cost negates the value of getting the item for free. Sometimes the shipping costs more than the item is worth, sometimes the item is available locally for less than the cost + shipping. I will also downvote a freebie if it is apparent that it is a ploy to gain email addresses for mailing lists.


Did you put cute and unhelpful tags on it? I usually down-vote those but I know I didn't down-vote the deal you are referring to.


@zippy the pinhead: Ooh, those are actually really good reasons to not like a "free" deal.

One more thing to the OP - as this has happened to me in the past. Folks using touchscreens to vote, especially phones, can sometimes touch the wrong vote button by accident and either not notice soon enough or not be able to fix it (fat finger syndrome) in the time allowed. Probably not frequent, but it does happen.


I try to only downvote things I don't think are a good deal. For instance, a free or reduced price cell phone but you have to sign a 2 year contract. ( I don't like strings) That to me isn't a deal; While a $100 discount on a full priced cell phone with no contract would be considered a deal. Free shipping on a download isn't a deal, as there aren't any shipping fees to begin with.

However, to agree with everyone: Haters are gonna hate.


This is the million dollar question. I have noticed that every deal I post from a particular site automatically gets one downvote within a few minutes (sometimes within seconds!), regardless of the deal. It's funny when the deal gets over 100 upvotes and that one downvote is standing out there. I suspect that there is one Wootizen who had a bad experience with that site and just lies in wait to downvote anything posted from the site. That's fine, but I wish that person would, at least ONCE, include a comment so everyone would know what the problem is, in case the rest of us need to be aware of it. Urgh!

Personally, if there is a deal that is just of no interest to me, I just skip past it. If I think the price isn't great for the value, I either skip it, or post a comment with a link to the better deal. The only deals I think I have ever downvoted are those I find offensive, (it happens rarely), or those for smoking-related items. I've lost too many loved ones to tobacco.


If it is from a place who is known to have issues with MIRs, then I'll downvote. Basically, sometimes it ends up being more hassle than it is worth. Tigerdirect tends to be very bad about honoring MIR.


Some good discussions on voting, thoughts behind downvoting, etc. Just adding this to the excellent discussion above for more perspectives and thoughts.


The silliest one I have had downvoted was for the always free kindle to pc translator.
I posted it because there were a few free kindle books available too. "it wasn't a deal" so it got downvoted..


We can downvote? Seriously? WOOHOO!


@videowallart: Oh the dreaded "it's always available so therefore we can't inform anyone on deals.woot even though it is an excellent deal and hasn't been posted before or has been expired" downvote. I get those too...

My favorites are the ones for franchises which have a corporate deal, but maybe someone's local franchise has a better one at the time. Whoa! Everyone else outside that franchise area isn't allowed to hear about the corporate one because their deal is better.

/end rant :)