questionshow to stay cool this summer?


Move to Western Washington, last year we had maybe 10 days with temp over 85 but less than 95


Well, a whole house air conditioner will actually be cheaper to run than several window units. If you use ceiling fans, make sure that the direction ofthe fan is changed in the different seasons. One way moves air up and the other moves air down. An elcheapo way of cooling down is through the use of a bed sheet and a box fan. I won't go into details, but the bed sheet gets wet, the fan blows on it and helps to keep you cool.

Other than moving or redesigning your home, electricity is going to be needed. You could always live in a basement for several months.


Sure, there are ways to suffer less from the heat, without using ANY electricity. Here's a partial list (these suggestions are not made in jest; I'm quite serious).

1. Change your diet to more greens, less meat, and (if possible) eliminate red meat entirely.
2. Watch the alcohol intake. I'm not a fan of abstinence, and a cold beer, or a glass of wine, is fine.
3. Keep the weight off. Too much body fat aggravates the problem.
4. Don't try to keep the house too cold; my own summer thermostat is set at 76 (F).
5. Watch the caffeine, and eliminate "energy" drinks entirely (especially if they have things like B vitamins).

I'm sure I'll think of more, later, but that's a start. Cool, damp cloths at the pulse points are also helpful, by the way.