questionswhy are deals tagged "free" excluded from the top…


I blame Al Gore and his Global Warming.


@Jumbowoot answers that question here. I agree w/you - free deals are crowd pleasers. :-) Also eliminated from the Top tab are deals w/tags 'lingerie' and 'sexy.'


@gmwhit: Thanks, I looked... But I don't see a specific reason why "free" was chosen...


If I had to venture a guess, it would be that too many of them ended up being spammy, so in the interest of keeping a clean community, legit free deals had to bite the bullet, so to speak. I'd still like to see them at the top, but it's Woot's playground.

Beyond that, the answers should be in the links already provided


@falcondeal: You said: "... But I don't see a specific reason why "free" was chosen..."

I know. :-/ Best to have @jumbowoot clarify it. I could tell you what I think, but it wouldn't help at all. Suffice to say it's a done deal. Currently working; could change at any moment. One can only hope.


@gmwhit: I read that complete thread, yet I still didn't get the "why". Is it $$$$$?


@jsimsace: As I said to @falcondeal, don't ask me; ask @jumbowoot. If you read the question & my remarks elsewhere re: the tags - free, lingerie & sexy, you know what I think. ;-)

Oh, and what I think or surmise doesn't matter. At all. It's their site and they can do as they please. Without definitive or clear explanations.


@gmwhit: I've read all of that, yet it still doesn't sink into my thick Cro-Magnon skull. Have a great weekend!