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Did not know that.

I rarely visit Google's home page because I use chrome. You type in your search in the URL line when using Chrome.

When using Firefox, I have the google plugin so it adds a search box on the top of the browser.

Safari works the same way as Google by just typing in your search into the URL line.

IE is my last browser to use. It only gets used when a specific page requires it. So then I'm not going to Google directly but to a specific URL.


I didn't know that! Very cool! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Doodle away...the Internet knows all!

And have a great birthday.


Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday, dear @luvche21, Happy Birthday to YOU!


Cool. I will have to remember to check it out. Husband's day is next week.

Happy B-day!


And many mooooooooooooooore! Hope it has been great. :)


Thanks all! Yes, Google does know all.
It was a pretty good day, we went hiking with some friends and saw the last fall leaves trying to hold on. My wife and I also planned a huge Halloween party for our church - it turned out well, but was super stressful. Overall, it was a long good birthday!


Nope. I am never logged into my google account (or any other email or social network account) while doing Internet searches. Beyond my IP address, they don't need to know who is searching for what. I'm sure they could still figure it out, by comparing my login IP address to search records, but at least this way my history isn't saved to my account.

Pro tip: I think google saves your search history by default. You may want to check this page:


@cengland0: IE allows you to add a search box to the top as well. You could use the Google toolbar (has spell check option) or just add Google as the default Search Provider.


I guess Google doesn't have my birthday on file, today is my birthday and it didn't doodle for me :-(


Happy birthday, birthday people!


@inkycatz: Maybe woot could follow suit with the personalized B-Day browsing experience... I'm thinking you could have a link at the top of every woot page (maybe where the "unlocked free shipping" pic is) that would read "Happy B-Day! You've unlocked a chance to purchase a BOC!" You base this on the user's join date for 2 reasons. 1) You wouldn't have to ask for the user's birthdate and 2) fewer people would think to check on their join date. They'd have to add it to their calendar to remember to check, but regulars would be rewarded with a pleasant surprise. How many BOCs do you think woot would have to sell a year to accommodate this? You'd have to be a member for at least a could put other conditions on it (number of purchases, date of last purchase, etc) to limit the amount of potential BOCs.

Get rid of some crap and make users feel special at the same time. You're welcome to pass this idea to the top, take full credit, and get a raise! Everyone wins!


@bsmith1: Oh heeeeeeey. It'd take a bit of programming I'm sure but it's worth tossing in the idea pile. :)


@bsmith1: Well that would have been great two days ago...


I know right? 3 days for me. This way they'll have time to set it up for next year and we'll be first. @luvche21