questionswhat do you watch on tv? help define television's…


Our TV isn't on much, but when it is my young daughter watches the Disney Jr channel. Her favorite show is Dr McStuffins.


Whoa, other than The Daily Show, these are shows I've never seen.
Big Bang Theory on occasion, not much on interests me. Only part of the time is it used as a TV, much of its' life it's a big PC monitor.
Somehow Harris & Nielsen think we all spend 3-5 hours every evening watching 'socially relevant programming'. I guess the real question is,
"watching what?".


Ok, since @havocsback didn't follow the rules ;p I'm adding this for The Big Bang Theory.

(I am going to add another show below for myself.)



(Of course, I don't actually watch it on TV, if that matters.)


The Colbert Report, but hey I don't get the joke.


Send me your survey. I watch an exorbitant amount of TV. They keep canceling shows I like. I have always wished to be a Neilsen rater so I could support my shows.


I think I need to revise something......

Please feel free to list multiple shows, but in individual boxes. I am sure there are multiple shows people want to see listed, but feel compelled to only pick one. It is the votes that really count, though. I have LOTS of room on the survey. Vote for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to see renewed

I just did not want multiple shows in one box and not know what was being voted up....


@moondrake: Which shows? My wife and I lose so many a season we call ourselves show killers (Alcatraz, The Finder, Sanctuary, Awake, The River, Memphis Beat, V, The Event, SGU, there a tons more sadly)


@zaprowsdower: Wow, I can't even think of the most recent batch. In addition to most of the ones you listed, I'll miss Terra Nova and Ringer. Memphis Beat. I think my friend and I were the only ones who watched The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I also watched the Secret Circle. I'll miss Cougar Town, House and Desperate Housewives, but they were getting a bit desperate. Unforgettable was okay and I liked The Forgotten. I loved In Plain Sight, largely because it was set in the southwest. I am weary to death of shows set in NY & LA. It's funny, I dreamed last night that I was upset about missing the (dreamed up) three-part spectacular finale to CSI Miami (and I don't even like that show).


@caffeine_dude: Do you mean Colbert's joke? He's satirizing Bill O'Reilly. (At least, that was the case when he started). I upvoted your post.


Don't know the length of your rating period, but after Jon Stewart (listed above), I'd pick
Leverage New season starts July 15, may not be timely for your purposes.


@moondrake: I forgot all about Ringer. If a show like House or Monk is popular we avoid it and wait for it to end so it won't get cancelled. In fact we are storing up seasons of House on Tivo now that it's concluded. So I am only 8 years behind on that one. Did the same for Monk and 24.

If the votes are still being tallied my wife requested I vote for Person of Interest



I forgot about Person of Interest. It is another of my favorites. (Part of an episode was filmed around the corner from my ex-wife's house.)