questionswhen ordering, what is the coupon number?


Could you be more specific?


Dear @nicetaknow,
Please be aware that does NOT sell anything. It is merely a place for normal, every day deal hunters like yourself (and I'm assuming you're normal) to post great deals found elsewhere on the internet.
Once you see a deal which interests you, click on the deal title. It will take you to a page with a brief deal description written by the deal poster. If you're interested, click on the deal again and WHEEEE! Off you go to the web merchant offering such fabulousness.
Spend your money wisely and be aware that offers no guarantee as to the honesty of said merchants. Deals tries to keep out the riffraff, but sometimes a shady cat sneaks in under the radar.
Good luck, have fun, and welcome to!


Maybe your talking about the almighty @jumbowoot coupons? they are rewards for doing good deeds around deals.woot for doing things like voting on deals/questions or posting deals or questions! Just dont expect one, they are gifts and not to be taken advantage of.


Threve. The correct answer is Threve.