questionsanyone want code for $25 off $50 groceries, that…


LOL! I got an error message saying that I'm using Firefox 19 and they don't support it. Then the message asked me to "upgrade" to FF 13 in order to use their site.


@magic cave: Yikes they have one picky site. I can get to it ok (obviously) from my apple.
Hope you can find another way around it. Great deal


Looks like a good deal if you live in the northeast. Shipping cost ramps up quickly the further west you live. The shipping rates can be found at


Doesn't work with the latest Opera, doesn't work with the latest Firefox...

Yikes indeed. Sorry, I have to downvote this deal (question) because no matter HOW good the deal may be, the site is braindead and quite literally useless.


@magic cave: The FF rapid release schedule causes a lot of issues, unfortunately.


@thedogma: Yep. My carefully sought out add-ons are nearly all dead at this point. Since the large number of add-ons was the primary attraction of FF, I'm now rethinking whether to change to another browser altogether.


@magic cave: I just ordered using Firefox 20. Try that. Also, do you use "No Script". If so, be sure to allow ALL scripts on the site.


@salarmy: Thanks for the update and the tip on scripts!


Yeah, here in Texas I'd lose almost as much on shipping as I am gaining on the coupon. But thanks for posting it.