questionswho wants to find me a refurbished laptop?


I got one at Walmart on BF for $180. I had read somewhere that they were refurbs but the box doesn't say anything to that effect so maybe it was new but just low end. Works fine either way. You may want to look at their site and see if they have any post-BF sales left for them.

EBay sellers with impeccable high number feedback are pretty reliable. More reliable in my estimation than 90% of online retailers. I have won 612 auctions on EBay. I would say there was a problem on maybe 10, and on all but one I got a swift and reasonable solution from the vendor. EBay's feedback system is a powerful tool for good behavior. Look for the "Top Rated Plus" seal.


either that or wait for the refurb deals to pop on woot as they inevitably do.


How about a new laptop? Target has a phenomenal deal this week on a Gateway 15.6" Laptop which sports an Intel Pentium B960 (2.2Ghz), 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, Windows 8 for only $259.

For the price this is a great deal. This laptop should more than suffice for Web browsing and word processing. These laptops are selling out fast. They are not available online but you can check online to see if any local targets have it in stock.

Here is the link:

If it doesn't work simply search for "NE56R27U" on


I'd go for a refurbed Thinkpad T series. It won't be fast, but it will last forever and the keyboard is the best in the business.

I still use a T40 I bought used in 2006.