questionshas anyone seen the new transformers movie…


The movie is a must see in theaters, IMAX 3D if you can. I have seen it in all 3 formats, 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D, even a bootleg online and IMAX was the best. The 3D is the best I have seen yet, doesn't get blurry or strain your eyes.

How old are your kids. The movie is rather violent, the last 1/3 especially. Alot of deaths on all 3 sides of the war.


@wickedd365: This would be one we would see without our son - he is only 4. There are just so many good summer movies this year, we will have to pick what we will go see. Wish we could see them all but being a small business owner and having a wild 4 year old doesn't allot time for that.

Thanks for the input on the 3D bit. We usually go IMAX 3D but when we went to take our son to see Cars 2 this past week, we opted for the regular because the 3D glasses are usually pretty annoying. Plus, Cars 2 just didn't seem like the "must see in 3D" type of movie. I think with this one we will go 3D though.

@theoneill555: thank you for the link. I did a search for transformers but nothing came up - should have searched the movie name I guess! Thanks again.


I know some people who watched the bootleg, and they all said that they wished they saw it in the theater.