questionsany suggestions for a home security system?


Deal with a local company with local monitoring if possible. There are many which are just dealers for the likes of ADT, which you don't want (Google for ADT horror stories).

There's no such thing as "free" ... if you can, you're better off buying the equipment up front and paying a lower monthly monitoring fee instead.

Signs are the greatest deterrent IF your neighborhood supports it. If many of your neighbors don't have a security system, then DON'T advertise - because the thieves will definitely think you have "good loot" if you need the protection.


The best security systems are simply deterrents. Security system stickers are a start. Motion triggered lighting all around the house is a must. And surveillance cameras (real or fake) plainly visible around the house should be enough for ANY burglar to move onto another target.

Security systems aren't all they're cracked up to be. Odds are you'll get sick of arming/disarming it every time you walk in/out of the house. And while triggering the alarm would deter thieves, it's not going to make the neighbors call the cops. Sure a monitoring service would. But not only can they get pricey, just wait until you have a couple false alarm penalties. To top it off, the police get these calls all the time. They're not racing over there, even if you don't pick up the phone when the monitoring company calls for verification. They're just not worth the cost/trouble IMO.

As far as actual protection, nothing beats the Taurus Judge.


I know you talking a technical security system but biological security systems are a fantastic deterrent. Especially if you allow them to stay in the house.


The two most feared sounds for a burglar are 1) the chambering of a round in 12gauge pump shotgun and 2) a Mid to large dog that barks when the doorbell rings or there is a knock.


@firebirdude: I do like the Taurus Judge, but my 20 gauge shotgun, or any of my hand-guns, will do the trick. Like I said though, this is for my wife, not me. If it makes her feel better/safer, it's worth it.


@bradshreff: Perhaps something in the 80-100# range? With teeth? And Fur? I know my boys will at least tell me when someone is on any of my porches, stands in front of my house too long, etc.

From what I understand, unless your home is monitored for fire, home security systems don't pay off in the long run. But deadbolts do.


GE Simon III wireless. It's a fun self-installed DIY project. Monitoring through (via ranges from 19.99 to 29.99 with the latter having online interface capabilities and email event alerting (arming reminders, alarm, etc.). You can get all manner of sensors including smoke detectors to work with the system. Whole thing is ~$300 for an apartment, and you own the equipment.


Alarms are little more than a minor deterrent. If burglars want to rob you blind, they can do so with little worry of being caught considering the average response time for LEO is well over 10 minutes. They'll have your LCD TV, Xbox, and jewelry long before then. The vast majority of burglaries these days occur via kick-door, so I highly (highly, highly) recommend getting some EZ Armor from the following company:

It basically turns your front door into a steel door; virtually impenetrable (watch the vids).


@bradshreff: Handguns are ALWAYS a better choice for self defense versus a shotgun or rifle. Extremely long weapons make it 10X easier for a thief to disarm you or at least deflect the shot in a struggle. The stock and long barrels of shotguns and rifles may be a hindrance in certain life-threatening situations. The Judge packs the punch of a shotgun with the dexterity of a pistol. And the revolver design give you increased dependability versus mag fed handguns. It's really the all-around best choice.


@firebirdude: untrue. although much worse for your hearing (despite that being the least of your concerns during a home defense scenario), a shotgun is much less likely to penetrate structures and cause collateral damage (and potential legal/civil ramifications) than would a pistol. you also have to consider sight picture during an assumed low-light scenario, in which your ability to stop someone is greater with a shotgun when fired from a half-assed, non-sighted, partially waist-shot self-defense position. your assessment about the assailants probably proximity during such an event is unfortunately accurate, but a handgun is by no means "ALWAYS" a better choice for self defense; especially when concealment is of no concern.


@pinchecat: Actually if you'll re-read my post, I recommend the Judge. It's a shotgun, in pistol form, so to speak. So your concerns regarding wall penetration or sight accuracy are addressed. Again, the Judge is the best of both worlds.