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Steam may harm the disc.

Up to $6 to rent a movie seems steep. I'd have to see the selection and cost, but initial thought is probably not a whole lot.


I see a day in the not too distant future where there will be practically no more CDs, DVDs, etc. Why clutter up the planet with trash when streaming is so accessible and affordable?


The best deal out there for online streaming is going to be an aggregation device like the Roku or Boxee. They'll essentially gather all your streaming accounts into one device connected to your TV (plus allow for local media playback - for the Roku 2 this will be available September I think).


Also it should be noted that WalMart simply purchased Vudu ... they didn't really start their own service from scratch or anything. Vudu is a pretty big name already in streaming and available on most devices like the aforementioned Boxee and Roku.


I'd love to know who sold them on Vudu. You know, with the zombie connotation and all. TV rots your brain, kids.


i'm glad they jumped in but their pricing seems like what Amazon offers already.
years ago wal-mart also used to sell a dial-up internet service. and if i remember correctly, they tried offering their own movie rental service back in 2005 but disbanded. this was before buying Vudu, the rentals were just from wal-mart.


I'll have to hear the technical details of the streams before I weigh in either way.
For example:
-Are the movies in HD? Is it 720p or 1080p?
-What type of audio will the streaming service support (2 channel, 5.1 channel, etc.)?
-What devices will support the service (Xbox, PS3)?
-Do I have to install proprietary software in order to stream through my computer?


@proxgotsthafia: Check it out here:

- 1080p @ 4.5 Mbps
- Dolby Digital 5.1
- PS3, Boxee Box, computers, and certain blueray players and TVs
- Yes.

I don't work for them I just read their website and the answers popped out at me.