questionswhy do some web stores make you create an account…


So they can spam the crap out of you....


There are two main reasons I can think of for this...
1) The site wants to be an "exclusive shopping destination" and wants to seem high-end, with everything hidden to outsiders. This may encourage "members" to feel like they are shopping on a premium site and may spend more. Alternately, they may have made a deal with some vendors to get better prices for "members" and part of the agreement is to ensure that the deals are not publicly visible.
2) The site wants to gain as much detail about the visitors as possible in order to monetise the information in some way. Even if you buy nothing, they have gained access to another "real person" in their database that they can use when dealing with advertisers, or can put forward when they try to sell themselves to another company who may be less scrupulous with the information collected.
Either way, I also find it to be quite a put off.


Agree w/you. If I can't look at descriptions, browse, etc., I lose interest immediately. And yes, I know there are some sites that offer great deals...once you register. Not my 'cup of tea.'


Ugh this annoys me to no end. There are many deals posted here on sites like that which look interesting but I just won't deal with a site like that. At least not now. I hope there doesn't come a time when everything's like that and we are here reminiscing about the good old days when you didn't have to sign in to browse. The fact that there seems to be more and more sites like that makes me concerned that they aren't going away anytime soon.


Because they are d*cks and want your info for future reference. I don't play that game. Give me the price or go away.

BTW, I really meant "ducks".


There is a regular on this site that posts - I believe from China - that makes claims about "x million" members who requires an account to look at the product.

I'm with you; they should look at home many turn away because of their business practice. I'd bet they'd more than double the visits with additional sales if you were allowed to really "look around".


I think they do that because they'd rather sell your email address than sell you a product.


Sites like that are more likely to get fake emails and names from me, Amazon just introduced a site like this and I decided I didn't care to learn more about the site.

Making someone signup before looking is stupid.


A lot more sites are popping up like this. @curtise hit it on the head with point #1: for many of these sites, this requirement is to give themselves and air of exclusivity, like it's a secret club you're special enough to be a member of.

Most of us here will say "no dice" and leave the site. However, for many, it works, especially with women and categories that women spend money on: shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. My sister, a woman in her 20s, belongs to a dozen or more of these types of sites.

I am subscribed to a few myself. I don't mind them having my email address (which is all they ask for). They send out daily emails about the day's deals. It's all in one place and saves me a visit to the website. Sometimes I just scan the subject line. They do have amazing deals often on clothing/shoes. If I was feeling lazy and none too interested in a website, the requirement would probably make me leave, but most of the time, I'm fine with it.


Hey, just use I get a lot of free accounts from others to use, plus they have a lot to paid sites... If you get my drift.


Cognitive dissonance. You'll value things more if getting them was difficult or annoying for you.

By the time you're done filling out the 5 pages of pointless registration questions and consigning yourself to Spam Hell for life, it won't matter that the deal is for 1% off a refurbished bedpan. Of course you'll buy it. Who could resist owning the product that was worth such an ordeal just for a glimpse?

That's how it's meant to work, anyway, says the cynic in me.


@mtm2: No they wouldn't. This is a field now. It's not just about spam or selling your information. It's that as soon as you log in, they can track everything you look at. So no one sees the website the same way. They find your interests and track them and show you things that fit them. You're offered deals based on your interests.

There was a great article some months ago about how Target came up with a formula to figure out when their shoppers were pregnant and how to advertise to them:

The creepiness of what all these companies do, and manage to stay within the law (or don't but don't get caught), is a serious problem. You avoided creating an account with one website but you still have credit cards and a phone (probably a cell). Not to mention all the online accounts you have and the information you willing share. Technology is so far past the protection of the law, that your privacy is gone.